Mental Health of House Wife

(Sumyya Ayaz, Lahore)

A house wife is an individual who lives in the house , doing all cores and performing a role of a care giver in the family. Her mental health is the result of the behaviour, situations , circumstances she face in that family ( her in-laws, spouse ). Many researches have been conducted on the mental health of home maker and the level of anxiety, depression they came across is the result of the circumstances, the sarcacism, the comments , the behaviors she listens ,she faces in that home , second reason would be the lack of communication with their spouse .

Husbands sometimes doesn’t understands ,(in some cases he doesn’t want to understand ) or take things negative from wife side ,by considering her self new member of the family .and thinks it would take some time and she will adjust in the family ,no matter what is happening .but the level of bear ness she is bearing , the sarcacism she is facing makes her a depressed person , but every time she bears it with a smiling face , facing the sarcasim with a smiling face and so on … trying to do chores that makes everyone satisfied so that no one could say anything negative about her , by constantly living in this situation her anxiety level increases and in some cases she becomes a negative person , in some cases she become rebellious ,she becomes less talkative , here iam talking about the daughter in law living in a joint family specifically subcontinent house wives.

This is my observation, what are your views on that please share your views

Sumyya Ayaz
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