ASHFAQ AHMED – An Unforgettable Personality

(Yousaf Alamgirian, Rawalpindi)

Intellectual, writer and a spiritual genius Ashfaq Ahmed who left this immaterial world few years ago is still remembered by thousands of his fans all over the world. He disseminated his love, knowledge and spirituality among the masses. He used to enlighten the people at the cost of his time and commitments. He always proved to be a caring and loving soul for his comrades and foes. He was born on 22 August 1925 at Ferozpur (India) and died on September 7, 2004 in Lahore. Ashfaq Ahmed was a young and energetic boy of 22 years at the time of independence. He migrated to Pakistan and started his career as clerk, but through his hard work, dedication and commitment rose to be the “Ashfaq Ahmed” a thinker, philosopher and a spiritual celebrity.

It is in fact the blessing ALLAH Almighty that we were born in an era where we availed an opportunity to be benefited from his spirituality and morality. Ashfaq Ahmed had a unique style, temperament and diction in his speech and actions. Life is too short to be loved. But the person like Ashfaq Ahmed made the life more beautiful, attractive and rewarding. Ashfaq Ahmed had a vision of peaceful society that’s why he globalized his message of character building and sacrifice through his intellectual talks. His intellectual talks have greatly contributed towards the improvement of social behaviour and strengthening the National Character. People owned Ashfaq Ahmed along with his writings and thoughts. While speaking on different occasions and at the literary gatherings he used to say that big people when disappear, leave behind a big vacuum but people like me (Ashfaq Ahmed) never leave any vacuum. Alas! He could now hear our words that he himself has left behind a big big vacuum which has orphaned the literary world of Pakistan.

Ashfaq Ahmed was a great source of inspiration for the young generation. His radio character ‘Talqeen Shah’ was a dominating character. Only two characters on radio were applauded a lot during that period one was ‘Talqeen Shah’ and other was ‘Nizam Deen’. His TV programme “Zavia” will also be remembered forever. Ashfaq Ahmed with his humble and polite appearance gave a lot to the nation and obviously to the Urdu literature. There is no doubt in it that we still have some very good writers of Urdu literature but we don’t have ‘Ashfaq Ahmed’ as he was one and only of his diction and style. It may take hundred years to have a writer like him as such writers are not made, they are born. He wrote best seller books like, Gadria, Aik Mohabat So Afsanay, Tota Kahani, Band Gali and his dramas such as Mun Chaley Ka Sauda, Nangay Paun, Baba Sahib, Herat Kada, Shahla Kot, Khel Tamashay and many more attained national and international awards.

Ashfaq Ahmed remained Director General of Urdu Science Board for more than one term. He was masters in Urdu from Government College Lahore and got diploma in French from Italian and French Universities. He taught in Dial Singh College, Rome University Italy and University of Punjab Lahore. He remained editor of Weekly Leilo-Nihar and Monthly Dastan Go. He was honorary chief editor of Monthly Sukhii Ghar and member of numerous language and educational boards. He was proficient in the languages like Punjabi, Urdu, English, Italian and French. He had been to many countries in the world like USA, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holand, Lebanon, Iran, China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and many other countries.

Besides his multidimensional commitments, Ashfaq Ahmed was very loving and caring for his literary community. Anyone who ever approached “Dastan Sarai” where he used to live was never left un attended. He always gave proper respect to the people coming to him and never ever felt hesitant to go along with them for solving their personal problems. Although more than four years have passed by but one can still feel Ashfaq Ahmed’s existence and presence in the hearts of his fans.

Ashfaq Ahmed is no more in this world in physical shape but he is very much here in the form of his writings, wisdom and intellect pursuits. Credit goes to Ashfaq Ahmed that he revived the institution of “Baba” in our society particularly in the era when “babas” were considered to be more stingy than any one could be. He depicted the posture of ‘baba’ as spiritually strong and full of wisdom and dignity. Ashfaq Ahmed was pride of our culture.

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Its really great to remeber such a fantastic personality. I appreciate writer's resolve to write on intelectuals like Ashfaq Ahmed.
By: Kishwer, Lahore on Dec, 04 2008
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اشفاق احمد کے انداز گفتگو میں والدانہ طرز اور شفقت سے میں بے حد متاثر تھا۔۔۔ گویا میرے اپنے کوئی بزرگ مجھ سے مخاطب ہوں۔
By: Haris Adam, Karachi on Dec, 01 2008
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