Muslims of Burma needs you.

(Ismat Usama Hamidi, Lahore)

 I was really shocked when i came to know about Muslims of Burma that they have been brutally killed by the Buddhist government and neither international community nor any human rights organization is there to stop this genocide. Even there is a complete silence on world media in the age which is called 'a global village age'. The President of Burma said that Muslims are not citizens of their country so they should leave Burma, whereas they have been living here for centuries. Thousands of innocent Muslim men, women and children have been slaughtered brutally ,many of them have been put to fire and are burned alive. When they run to save their lives to Bangladesh, the borders were closed and they could not found any shelter.One wonders over the conscience of the world, where is the sense of human sympathy?Strong efforts are needed on international level to build pressure on the government of Burma to stop this open terrorism. Moreover, it is duty of Muslim countries to help their brethren politically and practically in the such crucial time. I request the people of Pakistan to raise voice as well as send food items, clothes ,medicines and other necessities to save thousands of lives in this Holy Month of Ramazan.

You should call embassy of Mayanmar at 0512822460,0512828828 and send mails here, [email protected] .Muslims do something urgently !

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