Islam and terrorism

(Abid Chishti, India)

An attempt to bring the truth to the light
There is no denying that Islam is a religion that is ambassador of peace and brotherhood to whole mankind regardless of community ,cast ,and faith and the prophet of Islam Mohammad peace be upon him was the great benefactor to mankind who supported humanity in his life time and exhorted their companions and servants may Allah be please with them to take good care about it and due to his Islamic ideologies and peaceful rigorous efforts there was a fragrant atmosphere in Islamic states not merely for Muslim but also for Christians jewes and others religious communities they lived together with harmony appreciating each other`s religion ,it was the true picture of Islam which had no doubt
But after the 9/11 terrorist attack there appeared to attitude about Islam and it`s teachings across the globe
1-Islam encourages terrorism

2-Islam supports worldly peace
Which was the outcome of deep reading of Islam after this nefarious incidence of world ,the people who wished to distort the clean face of Islam and blow down it`s candle they got a golden chance in form of this attack by religious goons after that they denounced Islam as a extremist and un-human religion which is danger for human existence and left no stone unturned in this way ,all these cunning strategies were by presenting the Holy Jihad vision of Islam in wrong image which led to digress myriad people from right concept of Islamic Jihad and it`s incoherence to terrorist attack .

In other side those who read Islam by it`s authentic source Holy Quran and Sunnah(the sayings of prophet peace be upon him)and became aware with marvelous aspects of prophet`s life related with peace and harmony they accepted Islam as peace- loving religion and acknowledged that there is no space for violence and religious inveteracy is Islam and it was not restricted to mere acceptance but a large number of westerners embraced Islam after being apprised with truth of Islam and now they are proud of Islam.

Now I am going to examine the terrorism vision in the light of authentic Islamic teachings and sayings of prophet صلى الله علىيه و سلم through which everyone can know what Islam says about terrorism ?

Almighty Allah says in glorious Quran :
`` The murder of one innocent person is synonymous murder of all humanity ,, (Maida -23)
It is a significant Islamic concept that if someone kills other who is innocent and sinless it is considered as putting entire humanity to death, it implies that Islam calls such pernicious acts the greatest sin of world .

It is narrated in Hadhis that a person asked ``O, prophet صلى الله علىيه و سلم who is best Muslim ?

He replied :the best Muslim is who from their hand and tongue others are save ,,
It means one who injures others physically or mentally Islam expels them from it`s true circle and such persons are not true Muslims in the eye of Islam, now in the context of these two substantial evidences it has been clear that terrorism never be associated with Islam because it causes to wanton killing ,assassination, and inhuman behavior of mankind and Islam rules it out publically .

Terrorists commit suicide by blasting their own bodies at common places hotel , market populated areas and gunning down to common citizens indiscriminately which lead to demise of myriad person including woman ,aged persons ,boys ,girls even infants and it is regretted that terrorists by misunderstanding or lack of knowledge are giving their inhuman acts the title of ``Islamic Jihad,, here, for few moments if we accept that it is Islamic Jihad but nevertheless it is prevented to kill common people in Jihad also, in this regard there was a clarified master advise and compulsory order for Islamic army who used to participate in holy defensive war in the period of prophet صلى الله علىيه و سلم which is that O , Islamic fighter !during your fighting opposition of enemies of Islam ``do not assassinate the women ,nor aged persons ,nor small children also do not touch the monks ,priests and religious clerics and leaders ,,(these holy words are narrated by Anas –ibn –Malik :Abudaood ,chapter Jihad ,Hadis no 12614)

Now it has been clear that the assassination of common people in the name of jihad is prevented in Islam in the light of mentioned authentic words of prophet صلى الله علىيه و سلم Therefore ,there is no justification for Talibani Jihad and their loathsome and inhuman acts in Islamic jurisprudence which causes to ruthless killing of innocent people, but ,it is contradictory to Islam from beginning to end .

Here I am going to examine the terrorist activities from other side I mean `` to commit suicide ,, all organizations linked with terrorism motivate the younger generation to bombing suicide and blasting their bodies in the name of Islam reciting Quranic verses with misexplaining it`s significance and thus they misguide them easily and such persons become involved in terrorism due to lack of truth knowledge of Isalmic vision ,whereas ,Islam denounces the committing suicide with all forms ,it is not allowed a Muslim to put himself to death by consuming poison , stabbing ,or bombing ,if some one commits suicide in the name of Islam his own act can not be added towards the Islam and Islam is not responsible of such mindless acts by religious goons Allah says in Quran :
`` Do not put yourselves in to danger ,,
And the prophet of Islam صلى الله علىيه و سلم said
``one who commits suicide by any object he will be punished by same object in hellfire forever and ever ,,
,(narrated by Sabit –Bin –Dhahaak ,Bukhari ,chapter Kitab –ul –Adab ,Hadith no 5754)

All these mentioned verses are substantial evidence that terrorists have no legal justification for their extreme steps ,atrocities ,operations by any side particularly according to Islamic rules and peaceful teachings.

Islam motivates their followers to harmonize ,brotherhood ,humanity ,love with mankind ,above all, to create a peaceful society on the basis of appreciation ,moral and well behavior with others for this very purpose Islam encourages believers to care about neighbours in particular the last prophet of world صلى الله علىيه و سلم said
``He is not believer (Muslim ) ,he is not believer , he is not believer (three times )his companions asked in surprising O, beloved prophet صلى الله علىيه و سلم who is not believer ?
He answered : One whose neighbours are not save from his mischief and torment .

This exhortation to care about neighbour is not restricted to mere MuslimS but also for non Muslim who lived in Muslim`s province ,through such worldly teachings Islam wish to create an amicable relation with all multi – faith communities .

The long and short of this matter is that Islam refutes the terrorism ,violence publically and terrorist activities as whole ,are opposition of true Isalmic vision as we have proved in the light of divine book ,,Quran and prophetic sayings , and supports peace ,harmony and brotherhood .

I may self call all persons to understand Islam for contributing in brotherhood .
Abid Chishti
Jamis Hazrat Nizamuddin A0liya
Zakir Nagar New Delhi 25

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