Secret Eye Witnesses will testify against Man

(Muhammad Rafique Etesame, Ahmedpureast)

Almighty Allah Says in the holy Qur’an,” Lo! There are above your guardians, Generous and recording, Who know (all) that ye do” (Al-Infitar: 12).

These verses reveal that two angels namely “ Kiraman Katebeen” are appointed above every mankind to write his/her good or bad deeds. For example, whether the man earned money lawfully or unlawfully, abused anyone, or used backbiting, or made something wrong? Or, on the other hand whether he established worship, recited the holy Qur’an or remembered Allah Almighty etc. These angels are making an authentic and undoubtedly record of human being actions.

Usually when the people do something wrong secretly, they think that there is none to see them. So they commit such type of crimes that are not allowed by any religion or code of conduct. But, surprisingly, Allah Almighty Has set such type of secret witnesses above every man that are the parts of his own body and will testify against his/her actions at the Day of Judgement i.e. hands ,feet ,ears eyes and skin of mankind and the Earth is also saving the record of human actions. The holy Qur’an reveals,” This day We seal up mouths, and hands speaks out and feet bear witness as to what they used to earn” (Ya Sin: 65). Also reveals, “Till when they reach it, their ears and their eyes and their skins testify against them as to what they used to do” (Ha-Meem As-Sajdah: 21)
And about the witness of Earth the holy Qur’an reveals,” When Earth is shaken with he (final) earthquake. And Earth yieldeth up her burdens, And man saith: what ailth her? That day she will relate her chronicles, Because thy Lord inspireth her,” (Al-Zilzal: 5)

Commentators say that the chronicles of Earth is that she will reveals the individual record of all human beings at the Day of Judgement.

At the Day of Judgement , when the book of deed of a man will be given to his left hand, it means that this man is sinner and his book of deed is as the “accusation of crime” charged against him. But, at that time, he will deny all the sins written in that book and will say that he did not commit any sin at all. Then these secret witnesses will testify against him to prove his sins and crime. When they will have testified against that man, then he will become angry over his body parts and will speak to them as the holy Qur’an reveals,”And they say unto their skins, Why testify ye against us? They say: Allah hath given us speech Who giveth speech to all things, and Who created you at the first, and unto Whom ye are returned. Ye did not hide yourselves lest your ears and your eyes and your skins should testify against you but ye deemed that Allah knew not much of what ye did: (Ha-Meem As-Sajdah: 22)

The mankind will be very ashamed of his actions did in the worldly life but it will not be useful at that time. This is the time now that we should make our book of deed better by good actions.

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