My and ur Pakistan

(Maryam Nasir, Karachi)


This country Pakistan of mine and your on which u instead of being proud are ashamed let me remind u that by how many scarifies and lives,properties loss we got this country.On which today u r living .Allah made us the citizen of Pakistan not to embarrass your country or not to leave it and serve other countries and especially not to celebrate 14th August only but to serve this country.To make this country PAKISTAN proud.To feel proud to be called a Pakistani.I do know that there are many problems now-a-days in Pakistan but can you not face a little problems for the country who faced and is still facing many problems even today.Who gave your father mother the resources and made your parents,your forefathers and you this able that today you are work in other countries or able to study or even if it made you worthy of sitting in a shop as a salesman or a shopkeeper or even a tuition teacher or a school teacher.

Pakistan is one in a Million .Start working for it and start realizing its importance in your,your forefather,your ancestors,your decedents and in the world map.I hope this article may wake your patriotism.Serve Pakistan and start loving and caring about Pakistan.It has served you alot and it is time for us to serve Pakistan.

Come on first stop blaming Pakistan for others mistakes then littering then start working in Pakistan instead of serving and searching employment in other countries.Start promoting Pakistani culture not provincial culture Pakistani culture.Promote Urdu.Start with you apply it on yourself and then apply on others .

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آپ کی رائے
Thanks for reminding us the importance of our own country
By: Somia, Mansehra on Oct, 11 2019
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I would like to appreciate your clearly written and thought provoking articles. Your articles expresses an emotional stance on how we forget our pakistani culture and what pakistan has given to us. Exactly, we have to do something for our country and for this we have to prepare ourselves to bear problems for our Pakistan. We have to educate our pakistani citizens and we have to spread knowledge and education. We have to discourage corruption, unemployment and political wars. We have to make organization which can work for the welfare of Pakistan. It will be a pleasure for me if I can serve for Pakistan on any way. Please don't hesitate to share with me if you have any idea about how we can benefit our Pakistan individually.
By: Asif, Jeddah on Aug, 18 2016
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Try to make good relations with the Muslims around u.Work honestly and make good image of Pakistanis there. And come Pakistan back and serve ur country not others.if u r a student then study hard and come back Pakistan and work her because u r country deserves u not foreign country.I hope u donot find me rude because i have stayed in jeddah and i no how u will be.I hope u will listen to me.and if u cannot come back then make good image of pakistan there and educate ur Muslim and non muslim servants and illeterate colleagues.Pakistan Zindabad and plz make Pakistan proud.AllahHafiz
By: Maryam Nasir, Karachi on Aug, 19 2016
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