Pakistan ka matlab "'La ilaha illal la hu Muhammadur Rasool Ullah'

(Maryam Nasir, Karachi)

Pakistan Ka Matlab "'La Ilaha Illal La Hu Muhammadur Rasool Ullah' Means 'There Is No God But Allah, Muhammad (SAW) Is The Messenger Of Allah'

We Muslims Didnot Got Pakistan Out Off Any Coast.Our Leaders,Our Elders,Our Soldiers Scarified For Pakistan.They Use To Say That The Our Up Coming Generation Will See The New Pakistan.An Indepent State.Now We Pakistani Ourselves Are Destroying This Gift Of Allah.On Which Bases We Got It.What Is Wrong With Us??

Why Are We Doing This??Pakistan Is Great.But We Pakistani Are Destroying It.We All Are Having Bravey, Courage And Heroism In Our Blood We Just Need To Recognize It.

Stop Insulting U R My Country.Pakistan Ka Janda Gera Dekta Ho Tu Why Do U Not Pick It Up???Q Behasu Ki Thara Chali Jate Ho???Is Ka Javab Hai Tumari Pass???

Q Dousro Ka Mulko Maine Ja Kar Nokri Karte Ho???Apni Hi Mulk Se Kia Dushmani??Q Is Ko Chor Kar Jara Ho??Q???Q Nahi Parthi Ho???Q Apni Ghar Ko 14 Augast Per Sagata Ho Jab Zameen Per Gera Pakistan Ka Jhanda Nahi Aota Sakti?

Ager Apni Zabaan Promote Nahi Karte??Q Wrong Likan English Boti Ho??Urdu Maine Kiase Sharam.Apni Mulk Se Mohabaat Ka Dawa Karte Ho Tu Sirf 14 August Ko Apni Ghar Saga Nahi Balka Apna Muslim Bhai Bhaan Se Larai Bhaad Karo.Galaat Lafoozo Ka Istamaal Choro.Apni Baro Ki Azat Karo.
Pakistan Se Pyaar Karo .Is Ki Azat Karo.

Love Pakistan.Care About Pakistan.

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