Child Abduction

(Qasim ALi, Lahore)

Child Abduction a Fading Rumor mill:
While child abduction cases have created chaos and insecurity in the province, Punjab police have shown remarkable response to arrest the perpetrators and recover the missing minors. Nobody can deny the fact that breaking news syndrome and non professional attitude by some sections involved have made the situation tense and fearful whereas the actual scene is slightly different.

Image Building has been the real problem for the Punjab police. All the positive acts of police generally go unnoticed because of it. For instance in case of Child Abduction , If we follow the official stats it will be very much clear that Punjab police has shown extraordinary success in finding and recovering the lost children. In first seven months of 2016, total number of lost or missing children is 767 from which 722 have been successfully recovered and have rejoined their families with the efforts of police and other govt. institutions.

Despite all the barriers Punjab Police is working day & night to ensure the safety and comfort of the public. It has repeatedly requested that no one should torture any suspect kidnaper and instead inform local police station. Mob beating can result in loss of some innocent’s life but still incidents are happening off and on.
Schools in Punjab have just opened after summer vacations and Punjab police is following a new set of Sops issued by IGP. All the SHOs and RPOs are in constant contact with school administration falling in their area. Secondly field officers are also visiting schools during study time off and on. All this is happening on regular basis without any delay. Operation and monitoring room is closely monitoring the whole situation and if an officer found guilty strict actions is being taken.

Beside major stake holders of the society it is also public responsibility to actively participate in all efforts designed for ensuring peace and security. Here are some suggestions for general public which they should follow before targeting any suspect kidnaper.
1. Don’t allow kids to move around in markets or public places without any necessary work.
2. If found someone suspicious instantly informed security personnel or local police station.
3. Report any suspicious vehicle in your area. Note down the vehicle number and provide it to law enforcement officials.
4. Be sure about the school van drivers. Get their details as well as their references and all relevant information.
5. Don’t beat any suspected , immediately call the police and hand him over.
6. Talk to your kids about strangers. Give them basics on how to avoid the strangers.
7. Don’t take notice of emerging rumor mills and keep in contact with all community and local police.

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