Canadian Values Closest To Islam, Country Best For Muslims

(Javed Zaheer, Toronto)

TORONTO: Pakistanis worldwide of all ages, whether they are citizens, immigrants or refugees, demonstrate and express their deep love for the country by taking part in celebrations and greeting each other.

On August 16, 2016, I went to the Sunnybrook Medical Sciences Center in Toronto, Canada, for dialysis. I went to the volunteers room where one of the volunteers was Shahab, a grade 12 student of Pakistani origin.

We introduced and greeted each other and after that the first thing he did was ask: “Uncle how and where did you celebrate Pakistan Independence Day?” I saw the glow on his face and his great love for his motherland Pakistan.

I then asked him do you like Canada and celebrate Canada Day. He said: “Oh yes, I like and love Canada and celebrate Canada Day and all other occasions in best possible ways. The Canadian people, charter of rights and values are simply great and one of the best in the world.”

He said: I wish Pakistan would have been like that and we would not have been compelled to leave the country. It is being systematically destroyed. My country is one of the best in the world but the system is one of the worst.

He said: “Uncle, you are a journalist. Tell me is there not a single patriotic and daring leader who can face the mafia and wipe them out without showing any mercy.

With tears flowing from his eyes, he stated: “I am hardly twenty but all my life I have seen Kangars and Kaminays (criminals, cruel and corrupt people and leaders) from Karachi to Kashmir running, ruling, ruining and destroying the country. They have made the lives of people miserable and hell.”

He said: Uncle you are a Free Expression Award Winner and a highly respected and recognized professional journalist. Please do keep writing fiercely, boldly and daringly so that someone may hear the voice of the conscience and step forward to send the corrupt ones, criminals and terrorists to hell even if they number in hundreds, thousands and millions. This is the only option and solution for freeing Pakistan from the grip of all mafias and corrupt ones.”

With his face turning red with anger, he said: “The corrupt ones have spread to all parts of the world including Canada. Here too these cheats, frauds, pimps, touts and criminals are playing with the community, society and system. By all means and ways including holding of musical concerts, social, cultural and religious gatherings they fool and cheat the innocent community members, This way they are tarnishing the image of the community, Pakistan and Canada.”

He said: “Most of the Pakistanis right from children to elders like and love Canada, people and the good values, society and system. They are badly hurt when cheated by the criminals, cheaters, looters and corrupt ones. Only the deep love of the country and the famous stars, singers and leaders pull them to the places.”

He stated: “The cunning cheaters know this and that the community is starved because of lack of good people, organizers and events and take full advantage. The lucrative business of building Masjid, Madarsa and Islamic school and centres is flouring. The owners have no interest in these projects except to make millions by fooling and cheating the people.”

On August 14, 2016, I along with my friends when to Milton to join the Pakistan Independence Day gathering and to attend the musical concert where Ali Zafar, the singing sensation and actor of Pakistan and Bollywood India was expected to perform. My friends were Anwer Shaikh, a school teacher, and 85 years old Muhammad Shafi who is a visitor from Pakistan. We reached there at 4 pm. There many people holding flags and shouting Pakistan Zindabad and Azadi Mubarak. There were some food stalls. Most of them coming were waiting for the concert as well.

At the ticket counter, people were seen arguing with the ladies selling tickets. My friend Anwer too had heated argument with them. His argument was right the tickets which were being sold for $20 where then sold for $50. There was no mention of the amount on the tickets. The organizers misbehaved with people. When I noticed the cheating and pointed out, the ladies selling the tickets said: “Do whatever you like. We damn care.”

There was a VIP culture to please and pamper the distinguished personalities including Salma Zahid, MP, Mazhar Shafiq, renowned Liberal activist and community leader, Pakistan Consulate in Toronto officials including the Consul General.

I pointed and protested to Mazhar Shafiq: “What the hell is happening. This is Canada. For God sake don’t harm the community, system, society and highly respected values of Canada by promoting cheaps and cheats. You are a respected and responsible Canadian and this is Canada.” He hardly paid attention and moved forward with his team to the VIP gate which opened early for them.

When we try to reach and meet such leaders, they say: “We are very busy” but they are most found at social and cultural meetings and events. The people keep waiting for them to do something for the people. The reality is that after elections they disappear and surface again at the time of elections. Mazhar is my good friend and a nice person that’s why I brought this to his notice. He has a responsibility to serve, support and protect the community. He must realize this and remain close and connected to the people.

The Consul General and Pakistan Consulate people must take this very seriously and avoid people and events which are being organized by cheats, frauds, looters and irresponsible people of the community.

The musical concert was a total mess and the people were seen cursing and booing. One elder said: “I cannot stand this Kanjarkhana (Gathering of immoral) any more”. He left the show at 9.30 pm with his family. The gates were supposed to open at 6 pm but they were opened after 7.30. Till about 9 pm people kept waiting but there was no performance. After that few local ones perform calm down the charged and angry audience. Sensing that it was a mess we too decided to leave the show. Our 4150 went in drain and garbage.

Through my think-tank---SHIR International Network (SHIRIN), which stands for Serve Humanity In reality”, all the team leaders including Shahid Hashmi, Chairman, Canpak Chamber of Commerce, Syed Muhammad Iqbal, President of Pak Seniors Forum (PSF), Mohsin Imam, Deputy Attorney General and attorney of Supreme Court of Pakistan, who handled the famous Daniel Pearl case, Afzal Khan, educationist and community leader, Salahuddin, famous Ghazal singer, Khalid Ahmed, community leader, who is son of Hameeduddin, a renowned personality of Indian and Hyderabadi communities, and many others try their best in big and small ways to keep serving, supporting, promoting and protecting people in the best interests of humanity. It is the spirit and efforts that count most and considered most essential to achieve the objectives of SHIRIN’s vision and mission. As a reminder, SHIRIN’s objectives are:

1) Serve humanity in reality.

2) Unite humanity in reality.

3) Support humanity in reality.

4) Promote humanity in reality.

5) Protect humanity in reality.

Throughout my whole life I have been trying to achieve my objectives although the task is very difficult and challenging. With the blessings of God (Allah) and the spirit and determination, I have been facing the tough challenges with high head and successes. God has never let me down. Friends too are sincere, honest, responsible and respectable people and personalities.

Vice Admiral (Retd) Ahmad Tasnim, who is a national and international hero as India’s INS Khukri was sunk under his command during the 1971 war with India, contacted me in 2015 from Islamabad, Pakistan, and while on a visit in Toronto\but we could not meet. He again contacted me both from Islamabad and when he came to in 2016. Recently he and his spouse had dinner with my family at my daughter Sana and son-in-law Irshad Haroon’s residence. we had a very good gathering, meeting and discussion. He impressed us all and invited us to visit Islamabad and stay with him at his residence.

I have always seen Shahid Hashmi, Seema Hashmi and family helping, supporting and serving the community and all communities. They promote the good values of Islam and Canada.We must always remember that both Canada and Canadians are great and one of the best. People must feel proud being a Canadian and try to understand, accept and implement Canadian values which are closest to Islamic values. The Consul General of Pakistan and the Pakistan Consulate should take a serious notice instead of attending such events and joining hands with such people.

I still remember and always quote the beautiful remarks of a famous Muslim cleric during his sermon at the Eid gathering in Darus Salam Mosque in Thorncliffe Park locality in Toronto. He said: “ Canadians and their values are so good and nearest to Islamic values that they only need to recite the Kalima. They have the great potential to become best Muslims. They will emerge far much better Muslims than us.”

From my platform and think-tank SHIR International Network (SHIRIN) I appeal to all people to support and promote the mission and vision and help and humanity in the best possible ways. No doubt there are tough challenges and great difficulties but when we join hands and get united and come on the same page then we can face them.

We have to remember that it is a never ending struggle so we need to prepare all coming generations for this cause, mission and vision. May God help us all and always keep showering His 11blessings. When we talk about then we mean all communities and people. We must celebrate both Canada and Pakistan’s Independence Days in the best possible ways. This is how we promote love and respect and join together to serve and promote humanity and fight terrorism and all evil forces and corrupt people.

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