Say No To Proffessional Beggars

(Nimra Aftab, Karachi)

Pakistan is not a rich country. The majority of people are poor. Most of the children are brought up without education and without proper social and moral guidance. Hence they do not become responsible citizens. They become beggars and thieves. This can be prevented if parents realize their duties in upbringing their children. Parents should inform their children about Islam teachings and the consequences of bad deeds.

When they grow up and don’t know the difference between good and bad then they become professional beggars or thieves. They think it is an easy way to make living. This is the reason why most of the physically fit young persons are usually seen begging on the streets. In last few decades beggars population increases rapidly in Pakistan. Among 170 million citizen of Pakistan 25 million are professional beggars this figure is alarming. It is increasing day by day. The streets of our cities are swarming with beggars.

A great proverb states, “Humility comes before honor and Humility is the beginning of wisdom.” Both ultimately give strength to conscious and self-respect of human mind. An only weak, defeated and humiliated person is in need of justification or creating self-pity like scenes to defend honor for publicity and to gain sympathies. The strong, confident and successful have nothing to prove nor defend as the results, successes and strong character speak for themselves.

Though our religion forbids begging, most of us think it is our religious duty to give alms to beggars. We should give alms to only those persons whom we know to really deserve. Professional beggars should be discouraged.

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