Woman of substance

(Rida Hashmi, Karachi)

Dr. Ghina Shamsi, 38 is a one of the few female Pakistani surgeons who hasn’t let her day to day busy life affect her passion for her profession. Associated with Indus Hospital since 2008, her area of specialization is General Surgery Breast and Colon Cancer where she treats patients through her relentless dedication.

She belongs to an educated family where emphasis on academics is of utmost priority which is why she stays true to her roots and values that make her the person she is today. Becoming a doctor was instilled in her by her parents. She welcomed this decision with open arms.Having completed her MBBS from Baqai Medical University, she went on to receive her training from Aga Khan University Hospital which became the basis of her future planning along the career pathway. After having done her residency in the General Surgical Department she decided that this subspecialty was her forte. Also knowing that at the time of her graduation, there were very few female surgeons, she felt the need to join the force.

Besides being an exceptional professional she realizes the weight of her role at the domestic front too, from cooking and cleaning to helping her two daughters with their studies. Life of a working woman might be a struggle but women like Ghina make it look effortless by being equally earnest to both. Her family and work commitments consumemost of her time but she ensures that she maintains a good work-life balance.

While life is sometimes tough yet calculated for a doctor like her, she seeks convenience through the use of technology. According to her, her mobile phone is the most critical mode of communication at home as well as at the hospital.The use of technology and her being tech savvy, therefore, make it highly suitable for Dr. Shamsi to strike the right balance between family and work.

Dr.Shamsi has a strong belief in her faith which has helped her along the way. She has also inculcated these values in her daughters who are taught to balance religion and education.

Being ambitious and career oriented comes at a cost and hence her compromise on social life to ensure that family life is not neglected is evident. However, she manages to do sowith the support of her husband and children. This way life doesn’t seem on the edge, despite a demanding career that requires a person to be always on her toes. There was once an incident when Dr. Shamsi got an emergency call at 2 in the morning, this was when her husband stood by her and took both the children from the bed and drove her to the hospital where she performed her duty without having to worry about her home.

Dr. Ghina Shamsi is a wife, a mother, and a daughter whohas a perfect recipe to manage several life roles. She is thus one such endowed Pakistani who makes the country proud. She is no doubt a role model for progressing Pakistani women.


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