The Selfie Addiction

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The Selfie Addiction
Gone are the good old days of 90’s when life was so slow and peaceful. When our life was literally like the Ali Haider’s song “ Purani Jeanz Aur Gitaar… Muhalley ki who chatt aur merey yar”. For me and others of my age, those times represent carelessness, silliness, restlessness, and romance. Every youngster’s heart was pierced by cupid at that time. The romance of that time was not so fast and superficial as it has now become. We were all hopeless romantic, who were ready to sacrifice their lives for the eyes of our beloved. As the famous Urdu poet said “ Teri Ankhon ke Siwa dunya main rakha kya hai”. Most youngsters used to spend entire day around their lover house. Mirza Ghalib rightly expressed their emotions
Teri Gali main Mujhey Subah se Sham karna
Kabhi is Kaam karna kabhi us kaam karna

Having the picture of a beloved was a luxury which most people can’t afford. Most lovers have to wait days to see one glimpse of their darling. This sharpened the memory and imagination of most lovers, and they had to keep the picture of their love in their heart.
Dil Main hai Tasveer e Yar
Jab Nazar jhukai Dekh li

Now the social media has brought us selfie revolution. Thanks to all these social networks the business of mobile phones is running otherwise they would go bankrupt.Selfie revolution is brought by youngsters especially girls. They are taking selfies at every possible and imaginable place like Kachra kundi’s, funerals, cemetery, operation theatres, and accidents. Last year more than 100 people were died because of selfie fever. But our youth is not afraid of these kinds of petty threats. They have made the pledge to themselves that they would make new Guinness book world record of selfies. Every day my FB wall is filled with countless selfies of different young friend cum acquaintances. Most of them feel obligation to take selfie with every meal and every activity they do. And biggest problem is they want me to like and comment on them.

I can’t understand what they wanted to do with so much selfies. I mean how much you would want to see yourself. Perhaps the soul ofNarcissushas been reincarnated in our youngsters. Narcissus was a legend of Greek Mythology. He was famous for his beauty and disdained those who loved him. Once he saw his reflection in the water and fell in love with his reflection. So our youngsters have also fallen in love with their virtual reflections. The psychologists believed that selfie addiction depicts the deep inner desire to be appreciated and praised. Sadly our real selves are not so perfect that they should be praised so much. So what we do is we take the selfies and Photoshop them to make them greater than life. This self-deceiving act temporarily satisfies our need but it doesn’t solve the real problem.

The real problem is not accepting the life in its real form. Most people want to live in a fantasy world of their choice. Social media and virtual world is increasing their addiction. So if we want to solve this problem we have to face the complexity of life. We have to accept all shades of life. Otherwise this self-deception, virtual addiction, loneliness, frustration and Narcissim will continue.

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