Corporal punishment( School is a place of learning or valley of shadow)

(Rumisa Malik, karachi)

Fourteen years old child Ahmed Ali has lost his senses and his brain suffered paralyzed due to the alleged torture by his teacher in Cadet college Laarkana .In the world of Ethics we still have some mishaps that’s leading us to remind the stone stages. Corporal punishment is one among them .corporal punishment at school is a major factor that contributes to one of the highest dropout rates in the world, which stands 50 percent during the early years of education. Physical torture is a routine matters and almost many teachers punishes students in schools madrasas, or other educational institutions. Due to this sort of punishments mostly children is scared of going to schools and become reason to leave or run, the dropout rate are alarming thus raising figure and its excludes cases that remain unreported, thus raising figure to formidable numbers .According to the UN report on cruelty against children ,almost 40 million children around the world have to suffer some sort of physical or mental abuse every year .Pakistan ,unfortunately ,is one of the countries where the trained continues.

Corporal punishment includes spanking, flagellation, paddling, and various forms of physical violence

According to the survey the SPARC-KP chapter, seventy cases of corporal punishment had been reported from 2011-2012 across Khyber Pakhtunkhaw where 7 innocent children committed suicide due to the extremity of punishment. Similarly Jan, 2016 a video leaked, which showed height brutality where school principle brutally slapping a mentally handicapped girl of class 4. Though Pakistan is a signatory of the United Nation’s human Rights convention ; which clearly prohibits corporal punishment, the horrific practice still continues.

National Assembly of Pakistan had passed a bill in 2013 which prohibited corporal punishment of children in educational institutions. According to this law, if any individual found to be involved .Individuals in corporal punishment(CP) would be sentenced to one year prison or Rs 50,000,fine or both. Despite the fact , many Schools and Madrasas continue to use this as cultural acceptance, because many teachers and parents believe that corporal punishment is a useful tool to discipline a child.

The parents, teachers and we also should be aware and understand that corporal punishment is not a disciplinary method .In fact it creates long term and negative effects on child’s personality development by effecting their cognitive, emotional, psychological, social, and language development. Because children are not property, they are people, they are precious worthy of love, respectful, listen when they speak, comfort them when they cry, treat them kindly, teach them devotedly, correct hem compassionately and love them unconditionally. By this way only you can develop their personalities, it's said that every Child has right be safe, grow, learn and play…!

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