Pukhtoons need Justice in Pakistan

(Samiullah Khan Mohmand, Islamabad)

Pukhtoons need Justice in Pakistan

“My name is KHAN”, a Bollywood movie showed that how a Khan struggles and shows the world that Khans are not terrorists, even the President of United States of America was forced to admit that fact. One thing that caught my attention was the heroic saying by his mother that there are two type of people in this universe, one type is of good ones and the other type is of bad ones irrespective of nation, religion, cast, color etc. Look at your fingers, even they are not equal in size. Even a father having 2 sons, both of his sons have different habits, style, thinking etc. Then how can we believe that a specific large cast believing in “ISLAM” should have same doings or same thinking. Same is the case in Pakistan where Pukhtoons are at target and are considered as the destructors of Pakistan.

Due to recent attacks in Lahore, the Punjab police has issued written instructions to its personnel to keep an eye on people with Pashtun dresses and food habits as terror suspects. Police officials of Mandi-Bahaudin widely circulated written instructions for profiling of Pukhtoons with interesting details in this regard. Punjab police is keeping thousands of FATA Pukhtoons under surveillance and is checking their NICs and issuing directions to the local population for not renting out or selling properties to Pukhtoons hailing from FATA or Pakhtunkhwa. Punjab Rangers reportedly conducted 200 search operations across the province under the recently launched military operation Raddul-Fasaad taking 600 suspects into custody (mostly belonged to KPK/FATA). Not only Police, the heads of trade unions are also gathered for Pukhtoon’s genocide.

Pukhtoon shopkeepers are teased in different manners and are forced to submit their original NICs along with other documents, otherwise to be arrested.

Racial discrimination not ends here, we haven’t buried the moment when the IDPs from Malakand division and FATA were forced to leave their homes during military operations and were not allowed to enter Punjab province. Even their Pakistani Identity Cards couldn’t helped them. Media that claims a lot about the unjustness and unfairness of Muslim profiling in USA fails to see the racial discrimination against Pukhtoons under their nose. Media is using the term “Ja’n-baHaq” or “Intiqaal” for Pukhtoons departed souls and “Shaheed” for Punjabis, is this makes any sense?

If you consider Pukhtoons as terrorist, then declare Dr.Abdul Qadir Khan as a terrorist, and declare the cricket world cup champion Imran Khan a terrorist as well. Pukhtoons were always there to sacrifice their lives for nation, they have ruined their lives for this nation and now the nation is giving them a gift by calling them Terrorist in the return of their love for the country for which they fought from 1947 till now. There is no single war in which Pukhtoons didn’t helped the Armed forces of Pakistan, even then there are bombardments at Pukhtoons in KPK/FATA.

Few days ago, a Punjabi class fellow at university made the people of FATA responsible for the attack in Lahore, it felt like a slap on my face, on this I asked him that can you ever think about destroying a house for which your father and grandfathers have lost their lives. He was blank faced and I ended the discussion on this note that I am ashamed of the educated people who think Pukhtoon nation is terrorist, even acquiring that much education and sense their minds are not changed, what can then I expect from the uneducated individuals?

Troubling the people wearing white cap, turban, waistcoat, peshawri chappal and fair complexion (Pukhtoon) will cause Pakistan dreadful harm that can’t be healed and will lead to destabilization. If Punjab develops a way to determine which Muslim is a peaceful person, and which Muslim is a suicide bomber, please let the foreign countries know how you did it because they are also worried about it.

“Before thinking of short term profit you have to watch about long term losses”
Samiullah Khan Mohmand

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Sami you are great. I am impressed of your article and wanna pay respect to your soft thoughts.
hanif marwat
By: Hanif Marwat, islamabad on Mar, 23 2017
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