Fashion Trends In Pakistan

(Sarwat, Karachi)

Countries like Pakistan faces lots of economic, political and other types of hurdles .One of the most increasing problems is today’s rapidly changing fashion trends .It sounds weird but it is true because the costs of adapting to latest fashion trends are quite high, therefore, it is difficult for third world countries like Pakistan to afford fashion in our daily life. However, no branch of life let it be economic, cultural, religious or recreational has been free from the tremendous effect of this great transformation in progress. Everyone wants to look cool and classy so they follow and adapt themselves to the latest trends of the era. It is our right to live the way we like .For that, we may undergo some small changes. For instance, we may change our clothing style. We may change our routine, we may change our diet, we may even change our lifestyle .One should do whatever makes him/her happy. According to many business theories sometimes, change is necessary not for only business purposes but for personal purpose too. From the day of our independence August 14, 1947, up to date, Pakistan’s has been a society in transition. The society of Pakistan is dynamic and therefore ever-changing, and its patterns are changing, transforming from time to time. Therefore, we should follow and move with today’s growing world in terms of fashion .If we don’t follow it people may think either we are dumb or are not fashion conscious as we know nothing about fashion ,and we can’t move in with the society. Hence, it can be said that changes are the spice of life as monotonous life just makes us feel bored. It is not important that we should go for big changes every day. We may go for little changes that should be pretty affordable. However, changes must be positive because a negative change or anything negative gives birth to complete negativity and evil activities. Further, a change has a significant psychological impact on the human cognitive mind. “To the fearful it is intimidating since it may make things worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better” according to King Whitney Jr. During the last few years, Pakistan adopted and abolished the variety of things. But Adoption rate is higher than the abolishing rate. For instance, cartoon culture has flourished much among kids and even youth. Similarly Social media and Indian films are becoming very popular among many people of Pakistan especially young generations and it is demolishing many traditions and values of our society. Our society strongly believes in maintaining relationships but this culture uses these as a source of entertainment, due to that the element of respect has completely vanished. Relations like Father, mother, brothers, and sisters are the big source of enjoyment for them. These relations are losing their sacredness and uniqueness. This is one of the reasons why young generation is going ashtray and increasingly adopting western culture. Pakistan’s fashion revolution has shifted into second gear, evident by the increasing number of designer stores growing all across the cities. Stalwarts like Amir Adnan, Teena Durrani ,HSY,Maria B, Maheen, Sonya Battla, Khaadi, Deepak Perwani , and Karma etc have enjoyed retail presence for a long time but now, even designers like Sara Shahid, Saman Arif (Nana) ,Nomi Ansari,Umar Sayeed and Zara Shahjahan who have been watching the market suspiciously, are throwing vigilance to the wind. They have recognized that competition is increasing day by day so they have to offer something new and interesting in order to capture the market and to have competitive edge over their rivals so now the trend has been shifted to made-to-order bridals, it’s the time to dive into the mass market and prepare to invest in inexpensive ready to wear, made available in retail outlets. Further, the concept of digital business aka online business has also made its space .It is perfectly useful for those who have entrepreneurial skills but are unable to start their business due to innumerable reasons be it financial constraints or other. Also, women may easily take advantage from this as they face several problems when they enter into the professional world. I am not saying that one should not follow fashion or it is bad, however, we should keep one thing in our mind .We are MUSLIMS so we should not do anything which transgresses our limits. Therefore, follow fashion while staying within your limits. There should be a balance between Religion and worldly affairs. Further, I am glad to let you know that some of the famous fashion designers take the Muslim fashion clothing very seriously and they worked really hard in the development of Muslim fashion .Many famous designers are designing Muslim fashion clothes designing e.g Junaid Jamshaid introduced Long shirts with tights for women which are still in the fashion which can be available via online shops. One can buy it online conveniently or at outlets with huge discounts. Moreover, only a few years ago readymade stylish abayas have also made its place in the market, particularly in Lahore. Today there are various retail stores for trendy abayas and hijabs open all around the fashion districts of Pakistan.Muslim fashion entrepreneurs understood the need for modern fashion Islamic clothing due to which they initiated launching stylish boutiques that offer these garments in a mixture of colors, styles and designs even Pakistani government are supporting the fashion industry in Pakistan. We can export our high-quality value-added garments to other Muslim countries which will not only speed up the rate of foreign exchange inflow but will also help strengthen the local industrial infrastructure so as to compete in the world markets and to gain from economies of scale. Many fashion institutes are also been increasingly introduced for investing in this sector. Iqra University, for instance, is one of the best institutes in Pakistan that offers programs in fashion designing. To sum up I would conclude that entertainment is the part of life without which it becomes colorless .However, one must not indulge in negative and evil activities that lead us to go ashtray at the expense of our enjoyment so we should be very careful about the norms and values of the society and work together for establishing and maintaining a healthy and happy community.

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