“Art is my life, a passion within me"

(Fariya Azhar, Karachi)

Some of the pictures of my art work

“Art is my life, a passion within me. It speaks of the beauty hidden in the deepest depths of the human soul. I am indeed lucky blessed with this marvelous talent and called an Artist."

I believe that having a passion is an important human need to express one self.We expresses ourselves by chatting to friends or family, messaging and e-mailing. But, being a teenager myself, as a teenage girl want to be artist, I live with the passion of art. Like an aurora borealis, which shows puzzled colors, I could also express my puzzled feelings with my passion.

I am passionate about colors, imagination and emotional expression rather than chatting, messaging nor e-mailing. I believe sentiments can bring either illness to people or vitamins that make them energetic. If people do not share feelings, they will get depressed.

Drawing is my passion. I am fond of drawing because it helps me forget about all my tension and it fills me with exciting questions. Like when I am looking at an eagle and drawing its wings, different questions come in my mind like why are its wings so big and curved upwards at the edge. It helps me to enhance my creativity and use my imagination in any way I want. Wild free and without reigns. But above all, the most important reason is that it makes me happy.

I have always been fond of drawing. I remember my school days when I used to draw some stuff on the last page of my notebook. My father is my inspiration, my ideal artist. He taught me how to draw, how to observe things from the nature, how by using simple or common stationary stuff one can draw such beautiful drawings. He draws simple and small things with measurement. One day I asked my Dad, “Papa why did you draw these simple things with measurement? Why did you put your efforts on it? They are pointless.” He replied, “Beta, to make it perfect, it’s necessary to draw it perfect. Things should not be considered as small or big, you should consider everything as important. Once you start considering this, you’ll start putting endless efforts on it.” For me he is the perfectionist of art.

Art has been, and continues to be, the main outlet for my feelings. When I expressed myself on a canvas, I was in a dream world, a place which is full of flowers and animals which usually appears in animations. I believe in people’s heart there is a whirlpool of emotions, struggling to remain hidden from the world. I say it is better to stop concealing and sharing those emotions.
I am not an expert artist but I will surely want to be one if I get a chance. Till then, I will try to improve my present skills.

The best thing about your life is when you choose your passion as your career. But not everyone gets this opportunity. If you are one of them, then it’s not the time to be sad. Don’t let your passion fail.

As said by Martin Luther: “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
So continue following your passion and spend time with it. Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.

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