Calligraphy - the most revered art form

(Fariya Azhar, Karachi)

“Calligraphy is an art form that uses ink and a brush to express the very souls of words on paper.”

Calligraphy is a mainstream and one of my favorite art form. It is a centuries old art and is defined as decorative or ornamental handwriting. Muslims have deemed calligraphy as the noblest of arts. The dome, ceiling, walls, pillars on both the interior and exterior of a number of shrines, mosques, monuments and buildings based on Muslim architecture have been thus adorned.

Today, calligraphy has become the most revered art form in the Islamic world because it links the literary heritage of the Arabic language with the religion of Islam. The result is an artistic tradition of extraordinary beauty, richness and power.

Calligraphy is an extremely demanding activity, and most of the great Muslim masters devoted their lives to perfect their art. Mastery of calligraphy requires not only the discipline of developing technical skill, but also the engagement of the calligrapher's moral force and personality.

Calligraphists in the early Islamic period regularly used rectilinear styles to transcribe manuscripts of the Quran. Since calligraphy is ornamental writing. It is present in all languages and extremely popular in the Muslim world. There are a few classical calligraphers in Pakistan Kashif Khan is one of them. His command in calligraphy has earned him many awards. He has achieved many national awards in calligraphy in such a short span of time and took part in many competitions at home and in Dubai.

Calligraphy can be done in many languages like Islamic, Japanese, Chinese, Latin, Cyrillic etc. But I like Islamic or Arabic language more. Many people said that calligraphy is tough but for me it’s the easiest form of art, all you have is to build your interest in it. In fact I have learned this form of art by my own. I enjoyed every bit of it.

In calligraphy each alphabet flows as beautifully and naturally as the waves of the ocean forming artistic crests and troughs. People believe that art is attractive because of the thoughts; the colors present in the picture but in calligraphy, beautiful and decorative writing make it attractive.

Art speaks of the beauty hidden in the deepest depths of the human soul and calligraphy is also one of that forms of art. I am indeed lucky blessed with this marvelous talent and called an Artist.

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