Save trees save environmaent

(Rida naeem, karachi)

“Ging an image of a dead land;all that is visible is dry sand and maybe skeletons of creatures that died umdrnourished in thr forboding land.No patch of grss is visible .No moving animals.No flying birds.”

Frightening isn’t it?

Trees play an important role in our ecosystem. The greenery balances the life held on our earth. The rainfall patterns are highly influenced by the amount of trees present in a particular area. Water shortage is a growing concern across the globe. The dry land that has no green patches is subjected to very little rainfall. Water holding capacity of such soil is also lost due to lack of vegetation. Because of this impact, vegetation becomes lesser year by year; till all that is left is patch of dead land. It became obvious that water is going to be harder to obtain if this was the scenario.

Seeing the downfall the people are going to face, they sought to afforestation. Afforestation is the process of growing tress back for maintaining the ecological balance. The society encouraged regeneration of forests that was illegally cut down. They improved their gardens. They took special care when people sought to logging. Cutting down trees became very strict. Every tree down equals to five new saplings planted. Special measures were taken to encourage the society into building a green nation.
Environment day is widely celebrated on June 5 to remind people of the earth we live in. It highlights the impact of greenery on our planet. It was established by United Nations General Assembly as an action to protect Mother Nature. On this day, we divert our attention specially to grow more trees.

As the climate changes, it becomes a necessity for more trees. To maintain the climate and temperature that is bearable for humans and other creatures, the count of trees is definitely the key. More trees mean more intake of carbon dioxide by them and release of oxygen by the process of photosynthesis, thereby facilitating our breathing. The Amazon forest is called The lungs of the world as it provides 20% of the worlds oxygen. However, recent statistics shows that due to heavy deforestation the Amazon forest is clearing up quickly. This has caused a horrendous impact on the Earth.

The trees are also a defense to global warming. It helps to maintain the climate under control. It also absorbs the dangerous ultra violet radiations that break down the Ozone. Due to lesser amount of trees, the climate changes drastically giving ways to drought. The water on the planet is falling year by year. The rainfall has decreased than the amount it has been a year before.

Our only hope is to increase the count of trees and forest area so as to avoid the next World War being on water.Let’s not create a situation like, Forest precede civilizations and deserts follow them.Let’s join hands for a better tomorrow.

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