Cleanliness - a step towards healthy life

(Maryam Azim, )

Clean environment lead us to a healthy life. Basically this concept is given by Islam before 1400 years ago and this concept is implemented in western societies and we, eastern people left the concept of cleanliness behind. Cleanliness is a first step toward successful future for instance if a person is healthy he or she would be able to work hard for their country and lead their country toward success. Contrary to this if we taken this not a serious matter we would be left behind because unhealthy people always a burden on their society.

The sanitary condition of our country is not fully satisfied pools of stagnant water and heaps of filth is found in each and every street and this is cause of different diseases like malaria, cholera etc gutters are uncovered from which unpleasant smell is continuously irritates people. But now in modern world more people are educated and mission of keep city clean started. As a common citizen we can see sweepers on each and every road. Also they collect dust and garbage from the road side and loaded it into a truck and make the roads clean. About two days ago I observe from the bus that sweepers are not only male but also female sweepers are sweeping besides road. That was the act which is really much appreciated. Everyone should help them in their mission and try to keep their garbage in bins or gave it to garbage collector. It is not a duty of single person to follow these things but every responsible citizen should do so. Not only for garbage but also for uncovered gutters authorities should take some steps. Pipe lines are properly made and sewerage system should be made properly.

Cleanliness is not only limited toward trashing garbage but it should applicable by the hospital staff because hospital is a place where people get treatment to get a healthy life if the environment of hospital is unhealthy then how people cure from their disease. Doctors should use sterilized injections and should use injections only one time this small step toward cleanliness cure so many people. Also in government hospitals there is no proper arrangements of bins also mostly people in these hospitals are uneducated so they don’t take seriously the concept of cleanliness. Government should start a campaign to improve the sanitary condition of our country. It is not the fault of country that it is not clean it is the responsibilities of their citizen to make their city clean and healthy for their selves.

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