Menace of Noise

(Sadia Khalid, Karachi)

For us Pakistanis, noise pollution does not even exists! We simply let the noises around us destroy our life and are not even aware of it! It’s because many of us are already so used to all the sounds we hear in everyday life. Whether it’s the loud music in our parties or the forever turned on television, people talking on their phone or the intense noise of the traffic, or it could even be pets barking in the middle of the night. All of these have become a part of our urban culture and they rarely disturb us. But when the sound of this television keeps you from sleeping all night or the sound from the traffic starts giving you a headache, it stops becoming just ‘noise’ and starts turning into ‘noise pollution’.

Did you know that loud, abrupt sounds can harm the eardrum, while sustained sounds at lower volume can damage the middle ear; both types of sounds can cause psychological damage as well!

The health hazards of noise pollution on our body includesdisturbance in sleep patterns and Noise-induced hearing loss. Whereas the psychological effects by this noise pollution includes problems such as annoyance, aggressive behavior and constant stress, anger and frustration, fatigue and hypertension.

But worst of all is the cause of it. Because as the noise pollution is generated by things that we have made a part of our lifestyle that is why we cannot recognize them. So, I’m going to distinguish some major causes of noise pollution around us.
First of which is the constant honking of vehicles. This continuous honking of vehicles especially in Karachi has become a routine for us so we don’t really notice how much of a damage it conflicts on us.Not only this, but people who live near airports or railway stations become victim of it as well.

Second are the household gadgets like food mixer, grinder, and vacuum cleaner etc. that we daily use in our house. And of course generators that are a must in our load shedding season inflict huge damage on us as well as the people around our house. Which is amplified in confined areas like apartments or other congested buildings where even a small noise is amplified drastically, resulting to be very disturbing and injurious to health.

The biggest of them all is that the over usage of loudspeaker has become more and more common these days. It has become an integral part of any social events like marriages, parties, where the function is considered lifeless and incomplete without a loudspeaker. Even in the market places where sells men sell their products on loudspeaker to grab the attention of buyers. And at the shopping malls loudspeakers are present as well. The most damaging is when at marriage halls there are seats and tables placed right beside the massive loudspeaker and the misery of the one being subjected to that loud sound is at its peak.

These are just a handful of things which I pointed out, many more can be seen even a little bit of observation. So, the best solution for this is to stay as away from all these sources of noise pollution as possible.

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