Misuse of Mobile Phones

(Rabia Javed, karachi)

Now a days mobile phones are too much common in every age group. Its reality that all over the world cellular companies give special discount rate offers during off peak hours when traffic is low. But the night packages and offers in Pakistan are too much. Every cellular company offers lots of packages at night timings and also on weekend, which are now spoiling the character as well as health of students.

Everyone knows the reality of night mobile packages in Pakistan. There is a trend developed among young generation to talk with opposite gender (boyfriends/girlfriends) via night packages, which was obviously developed by cellular companies. It was in observation that students talking on mobile phones whole night as usually the timings of these packages start after midnight. Here one thing is very important that the advertisements of late night packages of different companies are very much attractive to students and promoting girlfriend/boyfriend culture in Pakistan, which is not our culture.

The truth is late night packages are spoiling the character of students as first they started to talk with boyfriend/girlfriend on different kind of matters and topics but after the few days talking they haven’t anything new to discuss. Then they talk on the matters which they should never talk with each other, at that time they lift the curtain on all the limitations.

A physiatrist said that late night packages are responsible for many mental and physical diseases among students. He further said “sleepless nights are very unhealthy for human body and this may cause serious mental disorder among students if they keep using late night calling packages”. He believed that late night talking on mobile phones with opposite gender surely lead them to adult talking and it also very much harmful for their physical health.

What parents should do to control their children from the harmful effects of mobile phone packages?

First of all one of the important thing is that, parents should always keep busy their children in healthy activities. When they are free from study provide facilities about the healthy leisure activities like different sports, family parties, gatherings and function, going to parks, etc. Parents should set the schedule of their children in such a way that have lots of leisure activities with studies. When students busy in healthy activities they obviously not have time to waste in futile love on cell phones.

Some parents think that children should not take cell phones. But it would fell them in complexity and depression because now every student has mobile phone and they should also feel that their parents have not faith on them. It doesn’t mean to give mobile phones to your school going child. Parents should make sure that students should not take mobiles with them during study hours. Parents should keep an eye on their children mobile activities, but don’t be a mobile inspector but just like a friend check there mobile contacts, received calls and text messages or without taking it in their notice. Parents should always guide their children regarding this in a friendly manner not like a dictator.

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