"Value Of Discipline"

(Kiran tariq, Karachi)

Discipline is a training which develop ones moral character and helps to produce a particular type of behavior. Training which helps the individual to correct, improve the overall conditions, moral character with the change in behavioral pattern of the individual.

Discipline is the key-note of the worldly order. In other words, the universe rests on discipline. The planets do not collide with one another but move along their orbits according to rules there are flood tide and ebb-tide in the sea according to rules, the air blows, the river flows, the flower blooms, the fruits ripen and- fall all according to rules. If there were no observance of rules, the world would have been a veritable hell of chaos and confusion. If the mother did not look after the children, if the children did not obey their parents.

Discipline should be maintained in every walk of life. At home we are to observe discipline. We cannot rear up good children, if there is no discipline. A house, where there is no discipline, is just like a hell. So discipline should be enforced on children at home. They should be made to feel that discipline is a blessing and indiscipline is a curse, that the one leads to and prosperity whereas the other leads to unhappiness and disgrace. The home, infect is the first place to teach the value of discipline.

Discipline is an essential part of our life. Life is worth living and is of any value which is not orderly and disciplined. Discipline works everywhere, It controls our physical movements and activities, it controls our morals and even or religion. There is no sphere in heaven and earth where discipline does not dominate.

Our social structure will fall apart with out the discipline in social life. A society with out the proper discipline encourages the unsocial activities such as violence and bad behavior. Discipline is most important to achieve complete discipline in life. It also helps to develop better character of the person concerned.

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