Problem Face by Working Women in Pakistan

(Tuba Shahid, )

WOMEN in Pakistan have always experienced disadvantage. Social, cultural and religious factors have reduced the number of women entering the job market.

Working women is the one of the classes facing major problems in Pakistan. Though Islam has clearly defined the status of women but still women our subjugated in conservatives societies of Pakistan. When they leave their homes no matter for what reason they are stereotyped and are esteemed with disrespect.

Here are a few problems that working women face in Pakistan.

This is the major problem faced by Pakistani working women. When a lady enters the world outsider her home, men assume that she is easy to pick. Whether this man is her boss or a colleague, he takes it as a bounty. Lady keeps her silence, and sacrifices her ‘right to speak’ in order to save her job and respect. Because unfortunately, in harassment cases always victim is blamed.

Pakistani society is patriarchal. Men have delicate ego here so can’t tolerate a women competing them and going ahead of them. Instead of working better they start pained the women to maintain their eba go.

Our family codes are such that men are assumed to earn money and women are expected to do domestic chores. But the fate of woman does not change when there is an additional role of earning money is assigned to her due to some reason. She is still expected to make ‘gol roti’ for her family when she reaches home after work.

There is this sick perception existing in our society that women are hired to add color to office environment. So males consider their female colleagues as an object of amusement.

Here only men cannot be held responsible. There are some black sheep in women who are ingraining this stereotyping. Either they distribute this stereotyping or they prove the above mentioned mentality true. So, overall this mentality needs to be changed, the people will eventually change.

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