A Tribute to Air Martial Daudputa

(Dr.Syed Mehboob, Karachi)

Pakistan is a rich country in terms of having brave, courageous, gallant, heroic and great patriotic personalities. Its sons at the time of trials rendered every possible sacrifice and made a new history. These brave sons of motherland need to be sung, admired and be remembered. One of such great son of this pure land was Azim Daudputa who was born on 14th September,1933 at the home of Umar Bin Muhammad Daudputa who was a great scholar, renowned researcher, historian , linguistics who did his Ph.D in 1927. Umar’s work was greatly admired, acknowledged and acclaimed by scholastics circles and he was given the title of “Shams ul Ulama”. Nobody could think that in such a highly scholastic family would also be gifted by Allah Almighty by a brave soldier, a great patriotic and highly skilled fighter pilot.

Azim Daudputa was a courageous pilot, a sincere professional, a patriotic Pakistani who served as a model and inspiration for Pakistani youth in general and for Air Force personnel in particular.

He attended St. Patrick School and then went to D.J Science College. He joined Pakistan Air Force on December 15, 1955 and made his mark on Pakistan’s military history in 1965 war with India and taught a befitting lesson to the enemies as fighter pilot of F 86. His extra ordinary and gallantry performance was acknowledged military top brass and government of Pakistan by awarding Sitara e Jurrat. It was undenied proof of Pakistan Forces personnel’s skills, professionalism and capability that number of countries hired their services. Azim Daudputa was given the daunting challenge to reorganise Zimbabwean Air Force and Daudputa got the feather to accomplish this task. He made a history as first non-local Zimbabwean Air Chief Marshal. He was awarded Order of Merit by Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe.

During 1965 war Squadron Leader Azim Daudputa flew 5 strikes and five defence missions and was responsible for wrecking was responsible for wrecking many tanks, guns and vehicles in the force of heavy enemy ground fire. His great moment came on September, 1965 when his formation destroyed a number of enemy medium guns at the Wagah Attari sector.

The whole nation pays great tribute and salutes to this great and brave son of Pakistan. May Allah shower His countless blessings on him.

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