Gen Qamar Bajawa: The man of action

(Dr.Syed Mehboob, Karachi)

Pakistan’s armed forces are the world’s toughest, and the best one in terms of professionalism, patriotism, nationalism, devotion, commitment, dedication and allegiance to defend their mother land till the last drop of blood and last breath. The valor, gallantry and heroism they exhibited whenever the time and trial called them; they proved this. The ongoing war against terrorists, the most toughest , daunting and challenging one is the proof that when many of the world’s best equipped and most resourceful armies failed to curb terrorism , Pakistan armed forced broken the backbone of these enemies of humanity. The sacrifices rendered by armed forces personnel and other Pakistanis are matchless and there is no precedence of such sacrifices in modern history. We as a nation proud of our beloved armed forces and fully back them. Both the military and civil government are on same page to eliminate terrorism, extremism and extortionism to pure the country from this menace.

Generl Javed Qamar Bajwa’s action is the continuity of ex chiefs. General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani had taken many reform like converting Sui cantonment into education city , relaxing the age limit for Balochs to recruit them into armed forces, and General Raheel Sharfi’s operation Zarbe Azb which gave the nation a new height of courage to stand behind armed forces and to give a message to terrorist unanimously that there is zero tolerance for terrorist and struggle will continue till they are eliminated or surrendered before state and to accept country’s constitution unconditionally.

When General Javed Qamar took the charge of Pakistan army new challenges emerged on the horizon and he not only accepted them but also gave the befitted response to all those who wished to isolate Pakistan.

General Javed Qamar Bajwa was commissioned in 16 Baloch regiment on 24th October, 1980. He is graduate of Canadian Force Command and Staff College (Toronto) Canada, Naval Post Graduate University, Monterey (USA), National Defence University Islamabad. He has been instructor at School of Infantry and Tactics, Quetta. He has also been Brigade Major of an infantry Brigade and Chief of staff of Rawalpindi Corps. He has commanded 16 Baloch Regiment, an infantry division in Northern Areas (Commander FCNA). He has commanded Pakistan contingent in Congo. He has also commanded Rawalpindi Corps.

The illustrious son of Pakistan General Qamar Bajwa was born on 11th November 1960. His father was also serving in army. He belongs to a patriotic family.
He was appointed to the post of 16th Chief of Army staff on November 2016. He got his initial education from FG Sir Syed College and Gordon College Rawalpindi. He served as field corps commander of the 10th Corps from 2013 to 2016. He fulfilled his responsibilities in area along the Line of Control (LoC) at Kashmir. His family ancestrally belongs to Ghkar Mandi. His father Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Iqbal Bajwa was a committed officer in Pakistan Army. General Bajwa, when was only seven years old, his father died in 1967 in Quetta. Bajwa’s father in Law was Major general Ijaz Ahmed. General Bajwas after receiving commission served at Sialkot Cantonment at the same unit where his father commanded. He also served at 5th Northern Light Infantry (NLI) in Kashmir. As a Brigadier he served at 10 Corps. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General in 2013 and was installed as Commander 10 Corps. 10 Corps is the largest and very important corps of Pakistan army.

Former Indian Army Chief General Bikram Singh has also praised his professionalism. He said in the United Nations operations; General Bajwa’s performance was totally professional and outstanding. He further said that general Bajwa is well versed with the complexities, nature of operations and terrain along the LOC. He has also handled Kashmir extensively during his career. He is down to earth, intellectually very powerful and highly educated person.

Operation Radd-ul-Fassad is organized, well planned, well thought effort by Pakistan’s armed forces to deweaponise and eliminate the hidden terrorists sleepers cells areas in the country. It was started on 22nd February, 2017. The operation is aimed at eliminating the threat of terrorism and consolidating the gain of Zarb e Azb. Radd ul Fassad enjoys complete cooperation from Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Navy, and Pakistan Police etc. To further gain the far reaching results of this operation there is need to fully implement National Action Plan, to depoliticize police and to get rid of black sheep from various departments and to eliminate corruption which is one of the main hindrances in getting 100% results of military operations.

In Karachi where there was complete chaos, the city was at the mercy of extortionists, this city was one of the most strikes observing in the world before deployment and authorizing Pakistan Rangers to take stern action against terrorists, extortionists and extremism. The business and intellectual community took the sigh of relief and business activities are now carried out without any fear. The Rangers action resulted in bringing down the incident of terrorism 77%, robberies 65% and other criminal activities considerably. In total 69,179 persons arrested, 16,304 weapons were recovered.

General Bajwa, the vigorous and energetic military leader has not only set his targets but also acted upon them in their true letter and spirit. Safe heavens inside Afghanistan were bombed and shelled first time and sent a clear message to these enemies of humanity that they would be pursued wherever they take refuge. Illegal cross border movement at several entry points were barred under Bajwa’s military approach. Fencing of Pakistan Afghan border was a hard decision to act upon but army had started it without much hue and cry. Bajwa believes in coordination and cooperation between military and civil leadership. He knows the country is facing multifaceted challenges from eastern and western borders. Civil military tension is not in country’s interest. Under General Bajwa’s dynamic leadership Pak forces are fully committed to defend the every inch of our beloved homeland.

A humble Bajwa does not credit his achievements. PSL final was held with full cooperation of Pakistan armed forces and there was complete harmony among civil and military leadership.

General Bajwa is loving father of two sons Saad and Ali and caring husband of his wife Ayesha. He believes in family values and is a true patriotic Pakistani and the fragrances of soil can be felt in his all actions. The whole nation is behind Pak forces.

The writer is author of several books and is freelance researcher.

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