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Information Technology commonly known as IT is the prerequisite of today’s business without which business activities cannot run smoothly and robustly. The technology development has converted the world into a global village – any kind of incident happened to one corner of the world is known at the other corner of the world through IT Network. Buzz, Hub, Network. Software, Hardware, Bandwidth, LAN, WAN. Node, Workstation, Modem, Router, DAG, SSL, SWIFT, DSL, DNS, ISDN, DXX and Fiber Optic are some words related to Information Technology all IT professionals are proficient with them.
The banking sectors have got the most benefits of IT by enhancing their business spheres in all over the world. Banks have also given much facility to their account holders and customers as they are now in a position to get money or to send money through the fingertips due to the development of IT. Today, the Information Technology is the backbone of business, especially for the banking sector as banking sector cannot run smoothly lacking IT. The eight Professions in Information Technology are given below:-
1. Chief Information Officer: The Chief Information Officer is the Head of Information Technology Department and is responsible for to get fixed all IT related issues and to supervise IT related business and IT related solutions. He is also responsible for to get automated all manual work in order to create IT environment. Further, he keeps a bird’s eye on IT development and research to give the best IT SOLUTION to the Organization. Many IT related divisions are under him such as Software Division, Hardware Division, IT Audit Division, Database Division, Network Division, Web Division, Globus Division and IT Research and Development Division.
2. Software Engineer: A Software Engineer is responsible for to make software of all manual work so that it may be automated for quick disposal of the work. The applications that are running on PCs and Mobiles are the efforts of Software Engineers. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, UNIX, Linux, Oracle, etc. are some Software, Operating Systems and Database Management System (DBMS) that create IT environment. Further, after development of the software of the related business activities, users are trained by the Software Engineers so that they may run the business activities by using IT expertise enables them to work easily, smoothly and quickly.
3. Hardware Engineer: Hardware Engineers are responsible for to fix all hardware related issues such as maintenance, repairing and monitoring PCs, Printers, Servers and other IT gadgets so that all business applications and software could run on them smoothly without making hindrance in business activities.
4. Web Master: The Web Master is responsible for to form and to develop a website of an organization in a unique and an eye-touching way so that the organization could be recognized in all circles, also it could facilitate and motivate the viewers to become customers of the organization.
5. Network Engineer: Network Engineers are responsible for to give the solution of all network related issues such as Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, Internet Connectivity, and Laying of Fiber Optics. He is also obliged to arrange for the Provision of Nodes and monitor the bandwidth of WAN/LAN. He is fully responsible for to secure all outgoing and incoming data by deploying communication protective software such as Vanguard, etc. He uses the technology of DSL and ISDN for transmission of the data.
6. IT Auditor: The Auditing of Information Technology Department is not an easy task as it requires knowledge of all IT spheres. Moreover, the general Auditors are not in a position to thoroughly audit the IT Department. IT Auditors are appointed to do the specific job as they are in a better position to audit the IT Department as they have IT expertise.
7. Database Administrator: The Database Administrator is an important post about Information Technology Department as he monitors, scrutinizes, checks and streamlines all data and e-mails of the organization.
8. Swift & Globus Administrator: The Swift and Globus Administrators are responsible to monitor all applications related to Swift and Globus, and provide technical help and training to all users of Swift and Globus Applications as these apps have a core value for business activities.

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