The Story of Blind King

(Samia Saman, karachi)

ablind king

Once upon time there was a king his name was HATIM SHEIKH he was very handsome and macho man he had along beard and very attractive eyes but on the other hand he had a so much attitude as well as he was very aggressive and cruel king of person and he dislikes poor people and most of the time he misbehaved with them and he did not give them their civilian rights.

One day when king is going for hunting suddenly an old blind man came in front of his horse and start begging but he refused that man and he kick that that man from his leg and continue to go on his way. When the king was doing hunting then a big leopard came in face of him and that violent leopard attack on his eyes and ran away then the people who were with the king were came closer to the king and had taken him to the HAKEEM then the HAKEEM told his servants that now it is very sad to say that king one eye was completely damaged and it is very harsh to say that now he was unable to see then the king’s servants informed this bad news to the king at that moment king had cried a lot as it is difficult for him to accept this reality but from that day that king was completely changed his darkness made him a gentle and a good human being he just started feeling the pain of others because now he was himself in again he started understanding poor people and their problems seriously and even he well behaved with other’s and he becomes generous as well by his this act of kindness the entire citizens were surprised everyone was thinking what has happened to the king? Why he was so generous day by day?

Because no one knew that the king cannot see after that horrible attack of leopard on his eyes from that day he never ever came in front of the public , he used to live in the dark palace but he was continuously has been helping the needy people .

The cannot got the feeling of satisfaction from his inside then he called his servant and shared his thought with him then that servant told him that my honorable king .

“You should have to go on frontage of the public and apologized to them for your bad deeds that you had done with them, and then you will feel better and moreover you should personally say sorry to that blind old man that you kicked him.

On the next morning king went in front of the public and say sorry to them, after that he ordered his servants to bought that blind man in their palace, so as their servant bought blind man in the fort and king was starting apologize to that man and even he put his head on that person foot and continuously saying to him
Please forgive me for that day!!
After all that man pardon to the king and then king give him some gold coins and offered him to stay in the palace, after performing this act of kindness by the king he felt much better, his darkness of eyes had also erased the darkness of unkindness from his heart and mind.

The conclusion of this story is that
‘‘Beauty is not something that is good from outside only beauty is something that is good from inside too’’
Secondly to be having a beautiful appearance is not a big deal but to be having a beautiful soul is a best thing.

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Samia Saman:
very nice story .and very interesting .
By: shohaib haneef , karachi on Mar, 22 2018
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it marvellous .keep it up
By: sunila, karachi on Jun, 25 2017
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Very Well Written & Really Be Very Interesting Story.
By: Mohammed Nazim, Karachi on Jun, 24 2017
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Very Nice
By: Ali , Karachi on Jun, 24 2017
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Mind blowing
By: Anoki, Karachi on Jun, 23 2017
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