Money Breaks Relation

(Samia Saman, Karachi)

a loving brother and sister

A long time a go there were two orphans living in a small village by relation they were siblings the name of first sibling was PRYA and she was twenty years old and a second sibling name was HONEY he was fifteen years old , they both love each other very much PRYA was elder than HONEY she does full take care of her brother and they did not had a good financial condition as PRYA was the eldest sister, thus she used to had some responsibilities on her shoulder as she used to work in the fields to earn livelihood for her home even she sacrificed her studies for her brother education because she wanted that her brother will get good education and will become a great and an honest police man.

One day when PRYA was busy in sowing seeds in the fields, she found a shiny diamond, she was totally surprised then she started doing more digging and she quickly collect all diamonds and wrapped that diamonds on a cloth and went to her house, then she showed those glittery diamonds to her brother and said to him that tomorrow we will go city and will sell these diamonds to the gold jeweler.

On the next morning when she woke up she saw her brother was not at home then she quickly checked diamonds but she did not found diamonds at that place, then she just thought might HONEY was taking these diamonds to the city and sell it out there and till evening he will come back, as she was waiting for her brother all the day but his brother did not return to home his brother ditched her own sister just for the money. He is that brother to whom her sister sacrificed her studies but what he did with her just for the diamonds he forget her love
It is the reality of today’s time money is more important than human emotions and relations.

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آپ کی رائے
I like your story...keep it up 😊
By: Maaz, Karachi on Jul, 12 2017
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Wao i agree money kill relations
By: anoki, karachi on Jul, 12 2017
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