Arrogance let you down

(Samia Saman, karachi)

two best friends

A long time ago there were two best friends living in the same area the name of first friend was ATIF and he was twenty years old and his qualification ins intermediate and the name of second friend was TAHA and he possessed the same age as TAHA has and they were childhood best friends but the nature of these two boys was entirely different from each other as ATIF was hard working and his financial status was not stable just to support his family he dropped the studies and started searching for a job on the other hand TAHA was very lazy kind of person and he completed his education he studied till graduation
One day when TAHA was reading newspaper he came across advertisement in which it had written that “Golden chance of job for the fresher’s “ and the interview timings were given there , after seeing such advertisement TAHA called his best friend ATIF and informed him about golden opportunity , then they both decided that they will go together for the interview.

On the next morning they both will go for an interview first TAHA will go for the interview.

Officer asked TAHA about his qualification and his interest then TAHA answered officers all questions then the officer told him about the salary that they can only gave him 10,000 only by listening the salary amount TAHA was in shocked he said to the officer:

Sir I don’t need this kind of job it is better for you to keep your job with you. , after was saying this TAHA left from the cabin.

Now next was ATIF turn for interview he entered in the cabin and wished greetings to the officer.

The officer asked him about his education and informed him about the salary package as ATIF was very sincere, hard working man he accepted the offered of the officer and joined the job.

After 5 years later ATIF’S hard work pays of and he got a fruitful result of all his efforts and struggle due to his honesty and passion he got promotion and very soon he became the well known business tycoon, on the other side TAHA was not got any good job just because of his own ego he refused and rejected from many jobs as he had attitude on his education and the of his arrogance was that he spend his entire life in just struggling.

The moral of a story is that avoid your arrogance either wise your egotism let you down and you will lose the golden opportunities of your life as TAHA did and he faced.

Never take anything as for granted take and accept everything as a blessing and have some patience in your personality because you cannot get everything in just one kick, you need to go step by step for achieving success.

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