5 way/tips to fight with depression

(Syeda Raheela Gardazi, )

“Depression is your mind telling your body, it is tired”. That quotation says so much! We have to fight depression in our lives because we are human and humans are not perfect. Depression is a state of mind in which one considers himself helpless. One may believe that no one cares about his feelings. Whatever the causes maybe if one is willing to overcome his depression, then it will vanish into thin air. For this a patient has to learn to identify and manage negative thoughts. Patient can convert his negative thinking into positive thinking by interacting with others in more positive ways. Thoughts are energy and physiologist can tell his patient that how he can deal with this energy. By applying interpersonal therapy a patient can improve his /her relationship with others by expressing himself in a better ways to increase support for coping with depression. Human life is a mixture of failures and success. Depressed person loses his self-confidence. He should tell himselfdon’t think about failures and sad movements of life. He can build his confidence by remembering his success of life. Memories of success and happiness movement help to improve confidence when the confidence level is up, then depressed person can deal with his depression. The Patient can do this by involving himself in social activities. He has to focus on positive aspects of life. Rules of Nature are fixed. Dent think about which is not changeable because something’s in life are fixed. Only think about which are changeable. This is a good habit to reduce depression. Self-motivation is a good way to fight with depression. Live a purposeful life because “motivation is founded when purposed is discovered”. Purposeful life gives a hope to man. Big dreams give energy to fight with depression. Identify your potential and set goals of life,


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