Why Education is so poor in Govt Schools and Colleges

(Sarmad Ghumman, islamabad)

I am sarmad.I am bsc electrical engineering student.I want to indicate the role of teachers in our wasted department of education. Nowadays in our society, one and all are aware of the importance of education.

Every year govt served million rupees in education department but the condition is not going higher. Education is one of the most corrupt sectors in Pakistan.Every year new schemes, new policies but every policy fails why?

I have an answer and solution for this critical situation. I cant totally blame to simply Govt.There are many reasons behind this weary conditions.In previous year govt of Punjab announced 75000 vacancies in the education department. in which includes all scales jobs like 9,11,14 and 16 scales.My one relative has designated as AEO in Murre district.When he started his work he was jam-packed with passion.But Within some days he disappointed due to the behaviour of senior teachers.

The aim of this article is that the highlight of the dangerous perspective of senior academics, which is the main source of waste in the education department.
When Govt changes his policies in education department to do some betterment, these some senior did strike against sensible policies.

They blackmail new education officers in different ways or joined with him.For example, govt appointed new Aeo's to monitor schools and teachers activities, performances in their schools.But when these not done his work in a good way, Aeo wants to do complain of these teachers.same time some politician or some influenced persons to call him or EDO to leave him as free.

Teachers do not pay any attention to students that obtaining an education in govt schools.I don't suppose any single teacher, whose kid studies in govt school or college.Because all of them understand that we do in schools.

Govt ought to build strict policies concerning Govt job holders.Govt should make a policy that Govt school teachers' child’s education is must or necessary in govt school.Then all teachers definitely paying attention to all students.Definitely, all teachers should strike against this, but if govt make any positive change then there should need to take serious actions like this.

I am saying that all wasted in education department is not due to teachers but it is playing a big role. There is an abundant alternative reason that Department of Education left behind in development.For example, Our politicians, poor Govt policies etc.

But The main idea of the article is to highlight the role of teachers in this poor condition of education in Pakistan.If Teachers will do his duties in real ways, then automatically many educational problems will be eliminated.

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