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(UA, Lahore)

What Is This Culture, Fashion Friendship---?

All These Have Been Changed Their Actual Meanings And Lost Their Values Now.

Request For Those Who Spread Vulgarity In The Name Of Culture Fashion Friendship And Love.

Please Change Yourself For Spend A Respectable Life Spread Your Own Culture Fashion Friendship And Love According To Your Own Teachings According To Your Own Training Which Teach You Islam And We All Know What Is Our Teachings What Is Our Culture So Please Try To Illuminate Your Lives In The Glorious Light Of Islam No Doubt We Will Have All Respects That We Have Lost After Leaving Ours Own Actual Wealth. Think And Try, Do, Pray And Got ...

ALLAH Bless All Of Us May ALLAH Help And Guide Us To Achieve Our Lost Place, To Achieve Our Lost Wealth, And To Achieve Our Lost Respect (Aameen)

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sb sy pehly insan phr Musalman and then Pakistani
broad minded, friendly, want living just a normal simple happy and calm life.
tmam dunia mein amn
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