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1: First salaam then kalaam

First deserve then desire

First think then reply

First solve then apply

Don't fight but for right

Keep happy and be happy

Give pleasure take pleasure

Always remember please

Jeeo aur Jeenay du

Rabb Raakhaa ALLAH Nigheban

2: Salam to all try to keep yourself happy for keeping happy others because with sad face we cannot say others be happy so keep happy if you want be happy forget things those gives you tear and tease you anytime in life but remember the time and friends which gives you joy anytime in life and try to forget anything which has been the cause of tension for you any time in life so don't take attention those who gave you tension anytime in life in short no attention no tension.

3: Peace prosperity and love is the right of all humanity and all communities so please try to work for the sake of love peace and prosperity in the world which is so beautiful but losing its charms and beauties because of terrorism and wars please try to stop all kinds of terror which damage its beauties and also pray for victims...

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sb sy pehly insan phr Musalman and then Pakistani
broad minded, friendly, want living just a normal simple happy and calm life.
tmam dunia mein amn
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