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Once there was a child,his teacher gave him a letter and asked him to give that letter to his mother. The child came home and gave that paper to his mother. When his mother started reading the letter, her eyes filled with tears. The child asked his mother about the letter, in response, she loudly read the letter to her child: Your son is a genius. This school is too small for him and doesn’t have enough good teachers for training him. Please teach him yourself. Time passed and that child grew up. One day after the death of his mother he was looking through old family things, during that he found a folded paper. He took it up and started reading. On the paper was it written: your son is addled (unable to think clearly; confused.) we cannot teach him more. He realized the reason of her mother’s tearful eyes and cried for hours.

That addled boy has become a genius of the world who is still being acknowledged and appreciated for his utmost precious contribution for the world. His name is Thomas Edison. Yes,Thomas Edisona great inventor.

The story of Thomas Edison opened windows in my mind and forced me to explore the reason of such wonder. A dyslexic child becomes a genius!Edison is not less than a miracle for me. After reading about his early years education which was not imparted inany school I am confused. I ask myself, why am I bothering about schools?Why am I struggling to earn money and send my children to elite school, hoping to make them genius?

In the story of Thomas Edison, it is crystal clear thatthe school did not provide a platform to Edison rather his home and his mother. A mother, who very logically, wisely and patientlywas able tohandle the situation. A mother, whose child was suffering from a learning disability, was cured by her, who was not a doctor or a physician.

Majority of the parents are blessed with normal children by Allah the Almighty, but we with our behaviorand actions making them abnormal. Today’s mother with many facilities and opportunities are unable to provide an environment that can foster efficient child learning process and help him to achieve his developmental milestones. The main reason behind that is our perceptions and approach towards our child.

We are, all the time,comparing our children with othersrather than comparing him with his past. We are forcing them to get 90% in exam but never encourage them to show his talent and work on. Instead of appreciating our kids for what they do good we pressurize them to do what we saywhich we ourselvesdo not do.

For our relaxation we handover technology to our children which is badly affecting their cognitive, social skills and emotions. We mothers have everything but lack patience and positive attitude towards our kids. We try to fulfil the demands of our kids but fail to identify their developmental needs and feelings.

Dear Mothers, search for the grey areas that need to be improved in you so to explore your child inner potential. Do not waste your time searching for colorful dresses for your child but use that time in adding colors in your child’s life. Don’t waste your time in making tasty food but add taste in your words. Don’t buy movie tickets but become a director of your child’s life movie. Don’t sit in front of the TV and watch star dramas but watch your child’s activities, enjoy and laugh.

MOTHERa name that sooths one’s wounds, that came first when one hurt and a universe for us whether a new baby or 90 years old.

Dear Mothers’ realize your worth. What makes difference is your presence in your child’s life. Get engage and take interest in your child’s activities.Spent quality time with your child. Read stories for them, sing songs, laugh loudly with them and make them realize that you love and care thema lot. Praise your child’s efforts towards accomplishment.

Use your mind and act wisely likeThomas Edison mother used and changed the fate of her child and the world.
ABC of parenting
A-Appreciate your child’s efforts
B-Be active and attentive
C- Create strong bond
D-Develop life rules
E-Evaluate your parenting style
F-Fascinate them toward studies with your actions not with words
G-Give moral support
H-Hug your child when he wakes up and when he goes to bed
I-Inculcate the roots of humanity
J-Join your child in reading books
K-Keep positive expectations and show
L-Laugh with your child loudly
M-Manage your time
N-Never use negative words
O-Orient your child about right and wrong positively
P-Provide moral support
Q-Quality time matters not quantity
R-Reflect on your behavior and modify accordingly
S-Share house chores
T-Teach your child healthy habits
U-Use different dealing techniques
V-Value the child feelings
W-Watch cartoon and movie together on weekend
X-Xeroxand make a portfolio of your child activities and achievement
Y-You can do it should be your answer
Z-Zealously celebrate your child minor and major achievements.

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آپ کی رائے
well said, mothers need to be aware about the importance of early years and its impact on later personality of child.
By: Surraya Riaz, Islamabad on Oct, 31 2017
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