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Every day of our lives we ponder over the coming future ad moving towards a typhlotic pathway. to to true its said wisely "as you sow so shall you reap" do we believe in that.

i came across this small boy around age 12-14 years , was being sent off from his village to city because they couldn't feed him as there was no earning in the village. wasn't just this one time later i met a woman from the old 2010 flood time she had sold her new born for some fast cash. later reading few articles about real life stories of child abuse i felt i was missing out the sense of how horrible life can be to many out there. women throwing new born at hospital dumpsters, dogs ending up eating half of the thrown babies. girls being sold off for flesh trade local and abroad. young boys sold for labor and slavery also not to forget where terrorists and foreign organ donation are major participants in acquiring there children. not specifying countries nations and so on but just imagine how many world peace awards how many more goofy organizations will it take to keep the children safe. from abduction to molestation, from abuse to misuse, bruised bodies, fearful eyes, rolling tears and loss of smile, where have the toys gone where is the laughter. even religious countries have a rise in illegitimate children who are not owned, orphans who are starved, day by day here we sit enjoy internet watch movies dine out play games spend money shop like crazy and outside those restaurants and malls and those game zone plazas are children waiting for some cash from you, where are their parents where is the government why so much poverty why are the kids a part of it, beggar mafia buying and exposing. children eating from the garbage, drinking unsafe water anywhere even from the water tankers passing on roads, cleaning cars and shoes give fr the coin which is no more used. i used to go to a market near my house to fetch fast food at night in 2011 there was a chubby small girl of around 11 age selling flowers and i used to buy all so that she could go home i offered her to study i offered her a lot of things to improve her life but she would always say her mother i sick and she has siblings to feed and today 2017 in the same market she has a mobile in her hand she roams around and sits in strange men's cars and goes for a ride after a while she returns and gets 5000 fr each trip. how old is she calculate it and what has her life become estimate it. once in a birthday met a lawyer and he told everyone how much he was earning yet he was not satisfied on being inquired why was it so? he responded he went to a so called bachelors party where there was a dance session a 16 year old dancer earned 500.000 rupees in just 2 hours, this is the fate of our kids where we have expensive schools and free education by government and yet this situation, who will help who will remove this darkness.

we have rich people and we have lords and we have politicians they have their kids and that is all what matters rest of the society is junk delete it or let it be doesn't matter or does it . there is so much to write but whats written is enough this is an appeal to the government to stop playing with lives of the ones who are minors , children have rights as well.

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