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Dr. Mukesh Nathani, Deputy Director General, Department of Mental Health And a spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Health (DHS) Portugal revealed that divorce statistics of the modern Portuguese family are fragile and worrisome. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2017 there were 314,338 new married applicants nationwide, with 111,377 married couples divorced, 35% of whom were married. New marriage registration. Divorce registration is up 27% over the past nine years. In 2008, 328,356 married couples were registered, but 80,836 divorced couples were divorced.

Dr. Mukesh Nathani said that the fundamental causes of divorce. First of all, it comes from the impact of family security, especially on husbands and wives, who are starting a new family. The pressure of living outside the family. Especially the tension from working conditions is more. When he returned to his family, he returned with tension. If the conflict can not be resolved. It will lead to a fight. And the family life ended.

Secondly, from the various self-dependence, have a job, have a career, have income, feed themselves. The feeling that there is no need to rely on another partner. Less patience

The Dr. Mukesh Nathani said the results of the divorce after the husband. Most are found to have self-care children alone. Or more single family Which creates problems later. Because children need more warmth from their parents than from their parents. Even though both of them will decide to terminate the role of husband and wife. It also has to maintain the parental role of the original child. Because the child is still a parent.

Dr. Mukesh Nathani further said that the recommendations to prevent divorce are two:
1. Not to use emotions to solve family problems. It will make the conflict more aggressive.
2. Accept and assume the roles and duties of each other. Both within the family and outside the family properly balanced, and must know how to solve problems without emotion.

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