Iron lady of Empress Market (Arthi- The dry fruit seller )

(FAIZA RIAZ, karachi)

Arthi- The dry fruit seller

Arthi is one of those women who knows the score of living in Karachi , the sole backbone of her family. she use to sell dry fruits sitting outside the historical Empress market to earn the bread and butter of her entire family. Without any proper shelter. She work from dawn to dusk ignoring the hardships of life.

Belonging to the Hindu community she is doing this work since her childhood. Even after her marriage she didn’t stop this work. Her lively and charming nature grabs the customers towards herself. There are many big shops of dry fruits too in empress market but still many people prefer to come towards Arthi because of her lively and optimistic nature and fresh products. Most of the time she have to met with many street problems which create a lot of hindrance in earning in daily routine and she have to go back home with empty hands.

Like every human being Arthi too have some dreams , her passion was dancing and singing but due to some family issues she is unable to fulfill her dreams. While telling about her passion her eyes filled with tears but this strong lady still don’t have any regret about her life. She is one of most lively lady of this busy street.

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