Drama Turgid on the issues of the Women of the sex industry?

(Anwar Baig, Islamabad)

The recent past history have witnessed that the most vulnerable communities in the world, either the developed or the developing are the women and the children with the least say, heard or the counting of their concerns.

To resolve their issues many more intellectuals, scholars, writers, novelists, drama designers, artistes and the human rights practitioners have been doing their keen efforts but it did not help the deprived so far.

Thousands of dramas, films, theaters, have pleaded their cases on the national and the international forums hoping the best to come up that the women and the youth girls would have their say and be counted before the policy makers and the implementers but yet all efforts have gone invain and the deprived communities are still in a waiting list, once might be recognized as the equal human beings.

The proposed drama might be an effort of the same continuity but with reference to its results achieved so far the think tanks need to review their script writings, reorganizes their strategies to target whom and with what slogans or the messages including their affectivity and time- lined results or the goals to achieve almost after utilizing of billions of funding.

This drama and likewise such others are almost the production of (Abid Ali) who is keen perhaps in having the debate on the issues related to genders rights and especially the rights of the female genders who are supposed to have been denied their rights equal to their male genders.

Hundreds of such dramas and the plays have been shot and got public admiration as the best drama, nice performances of the concerned artistes, good and intellectual editing including the uses of the camera but it did not help the neglects called the prostitutes, almost our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and so on whom we the most honest and the most respectful citizens have brought there and staged them there for just our luxuries to meet.

Let me quote here a saying of a prominent scholar and the investigator writer, Dr.Fauzia Saeed, now perhaps heading a department of the federal government had investigated a story of the Red Area of Lahore where she had exposed much more of the going on activities and a little of the females of the red area except branding the “Mahmood” with some wrong words for his name.

She might have had gained more respect as the big writer after presenting her "Kalank" but it was far better to diagnose the disease and prescribe the proper medication to lessen the disease.

Unfortunately she did not talk about this serious issue for which she had been famous to help the deprived and the marginalized in the society.

In fact, we the honorable citizens of Pakistan have not taken this issue to be resolved honorably by having the alternative choices for those women, once smuggled, kidnapped or sold or trickily placed there.

We did not try to investigate the real sellers and the buyers and do the lawful for their release and honorable return to their home land and if not accepted by their families or their tribes they would have had the alternatives to run their life respectfully.

We had the alternatives for these communities such as provision of education and skills training to these victims and offering them funding or the easy loans for their small scale businesses along with short courses trainings including the provision of their products marketing facilities so these communities would have access to justice as the equal gender with equal rights and respect in the society.

Let me quote here an evidence of our lords( almost saints) who ruled this country for the last 70 years and promised the nation to lessen our problems and resolve our legal issues did not help the deprived and the poor communities in the society however used all the financial and the natural resources for their own interests, gained their vested benefits, made billions of funding, got billions of rupees loans write off, had access to all the legal rights more than the majority along with no accountability of their looting and crimes against the people of Pakistan and the country.

Thus keeping in view the above said situation of the existing sex industries in the country and finding out their solution would be a damn fool dream to come true.

It has two solutions to be resolved honorably, one, some of our daring Pakistanis have done and proved the real fighters of the human rights for the neglected and especially for the women who are never heard nor listen neither counted for their concerns.

These daring fellows got married with their beloveds and made an example of real Muslims who helped the helpless and the needy.

The second option had the state to get it resolved respectfully by selecting these people, get short termed education and skills trainings of different courses along with a comprehensive mechanism to facilitate these communities have ensued their products marketed in semi government run and managed super stores or the Utility Stores with an open appeal to the business communities and so on.

The difference or the main hurdle on the way is that the women forced to join the sex industry have not been recognized as the human being despite knowing the very fact that they belonged to our races, blood, tribes, families and are not the commodities to be sold or purchased.

We in fact wanted to have these communities placed there and used for our luxuries meeting our devilish vulgar and the vulture desires.

Once in a meeting headed by the governor of Punjab a most respectful member of the city government refused to sit with “Mehmood” who had been representing the red area.

The governor told the meeting a nice resolution and a humanitarian idea, get married with these women and the issue is resolved respectfully,

The meeting was stunned because they were never expecting such remarks nor the proposals because they had deemed to have these women there with proud. Unfortunately, we have not realized yet that these women are ours and we placed them there and we are the main culprits and the runners of these Bazaars and the Mundies if logically analyzed.

In short, if we wanted to resolve these issues we then have to have daring steps not relying just on the production of dramas for minting billions with having no solution or the remedy.

We each are responsible for these crimes and equally partners for not defending them as the equal genders, the reason behind are probably the male gendered mentality with an exclusive authority to decide the fate of the aggrieved.

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