Sep 24, 2023Match Ended

team logoIndia
team logoAustralia
India beat Australia by 99 runs (D/L method)

Sep 23, 2023Match Ended

team logoBangladesh
team logoNew Zealand
New Zealand beat Bangladesh by 86 runs

3rd ODI, Ireland tour of England, 2023Upcoming

team logoEngland
team logoIreland
Sep 26, 2023 - 5:00 PST

3rd ODI, New Zealand tour of Bangladesh 2023Upcoming

team logoBangladesh
team logoNew Zealand
Sep 26, 2023 - 1:00 PST

T20 World Cup 2021 Schedule

T20 World Cup 2021 - Watch live cricket score card of T20 World Cup 2021 Series. You will also find Recent and Upcoming Matches Schedule of T20 World Cup 2021, Live Cricket News, Cricket Series Schedule, Match Stats, Live Match Analysis, Cricket Commentary, Videos, Photos, Expert Blogs, Latest Cricket Discussion, Match highlights of T20 World Cup 2021 and Players Profile on one page.

flagOman 1st Match Oct 17, 2021 flagPapua New Guinea
Oman beat Papua New Guinea by 10 wickets
flagBangladesh 2nd Match Oct 17, 2021 flagScotland
Scotland beat Bangladesh by 6 runs
flagIreland 3rd Match Oct 18, 2021 flagNetherlands
Ireland beat Netherlands by 7 wickets
flagNamibia 4th Match Oct 18, 2021 flagSri Lanka
Sri Lanka beat Namibia by 7 wickets
flagPapua New Guinea 5th Match Oct 19, 2021 flagScotland
Scotland beat Papua New Guinea by 17 runs
flagOman 6th Match Oct 19, 2021 flagBangladesh
Bangladesh beat Oman by 26 runs
flagNamibia 7th Match Oct 20, 2021 flagNetherlands
Namibia beat Netherlands by 6 wickets
flagIreland 8th match Oct 20, 2021 flagSri Lanka
Sri Lanka beat Ireland by 70 runs
flagBangladesh 9th match Oct 21, 2021 flagPapua New Guinea
Bangladesh beat Papua New Guinea by 84 runs
flagOman 10th Match Oct 21, 2021 flagSri Lanka
Scotland beat Oman by 8 wickets
flagIreland 11th Match Oct 22, 2021 flagNamibia
Namibia beat Ireland by 8 wickets
flagNetherlands 12th Match Oct 22, 2021 flagSri Lanka
Sri Lanka beat Netherlands by 8 wickets
flagAustralia 13th Match Oct 23, 2021 flagSouth Africa
Australia beat South Africa by 5 wickets
flagEngland 14th Match Oct 23, 2021 flagWest Indies
England beat West Indies by 6 wickets
flagPakistan 16th Match Oct 24, 2021 flagIndia
Pakistan beat India by 10 wickets
flagBangladesh 15th Match Oct 24, 2021 flagSri Lanka
Sri Lanka beat Bangladesh by 5 wickets
flagAfghanistan 17th Match Oct 25, 2021 flagScotland
Afghanistan beat Scotland by 130 runs
flagSouth Africa 18th Match Oct 26, 2021 flagWest Indies
South Africa beat West Indies by 8 wickets
flagPakistan 19th Match Oct 26, 2021 flagNew Zealand
Pakistan beat New Zealand by 5 wickets
flagEngland 20th Match Oct 27, 2021 flagBangladesh
England beat Bangladesh by 8 wickets
flagScotland 21th Match Oct 27, 2021 flagNamibia
Namibia beat Scotland by 4 wickets
flagAustralia 22nd Match Oct 28, 2021 flagSri Lanka
Australia beat Sri Lanka by 7 wickets
flagWest Indies 23rd Match Oct 29, 2021 flagBangladesh
West Indies Beat Bangladesh by 3 Runs
flagAfghanistan 24th Match Oct 29, 2021 flagPakistan
Pakistan Beat Afghanistan by 5 wickets
flagSouth Africa 25th Match Oct 30, 2021 flagSri Lanka
South Africa beat Sri Lanka by 4 wickets
flagEngland 26th Match Oct 30, 2021 flagAustralia
England beat Australia by 8 wickets
flagAfghanistan 27th Match Oct 31, 2021 flagNamibia
Afghanistan beat Namibia by 62 runs
flagIndia 28th Match Oct 31, 2021 flagNew Zealand
New Zealand beat India by 8 wickets
flagEngland 29th Match Nov 01, 2021 flagSri Lanka
England beat Sri Lanka by 26 runs
flagSouth Africa 30th Match Nov 02, 2021 flagBangladesh
South Africa beat Bangladesh by 6 wickets
flagPakistan 31st Match Nov 02, 2021 flagNamibia
Pakistan beat Namibia by 45 runs
flagNew Zealand 32nd Match Nov 03, 2021 flagScotland
New Zealand beat Scotland by 16 runs
flagIndia 33rd Match Nov 03, 2021 flagAfghanistan
India beat Afghanistan by 66 runs
flagAustralia 34th Match Nov 04, 2021 flagBangladesh
Australia beat Bangladesh by 8 wickets
flagWest Indies 35th Match Nov 04, 2021 flagSri Lanka
Sri Lanka beat West Indies by 20 runs
flagNew Zealand 36th Match Nov 05, 2021 flagNamibia
New Zealand beat Namibia by 52 runs
flagIndia 37th Match Nov 05, 2021 flagScotland
India beat Scotland by 8 wickets
flagAustralia 38th Match Nov 06, 2021 flagWest Indies
Australia beat West Indies by 8 wickets
flagEngland 39th Match Nov 06, 2021 flagSouth Africa
South Africa beat England by 10 runs
flagNew Zealand 40th Match Nov 07, 2021 flagAfghanistan
New Zealand beat Afghanistan by 8 wickets
flagPakistan 41th Match Nov 07, 2021 flagScotland
Pakistan beat Scotland by 72 runs
flagIndia 42st Match Nov 08, 2021 flagNamibia
India beat Namibia by 9 wickets
flagEngland 1st Semi Final Nov 10, 2021 flagNew Zealand
New Zealand beat England by 5 wickets
flagPakistan 2nd Semi Final Nov 11, 2021 flagAustralia
Australia beat Pakistan by 5 wickets
flagNew Zealand Final Nov 14, 2021 flagAustralia
Australia beat New Zealand by 8 wickets
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