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Bangladesh Prayer Timings 2017 - Find today Accurate Namaz Timings of Bangladesh, Find detail Salaat Schedule & Timetable. Get Fajar (Fajr) timing in Bangladesh, Dhuhur, Asr time in Bangladesh, Maghrib timing in Bangladesh & Isha timing in Bangladesh Namaz timing with customize option of Prayer Times Calculation Methods & Juristic Methods. Find Nimaz ke Awqat with Qibla direction for proper guidance for your Namaz.

City Fajar Dhuhur Asr Maghrib Isha
Dhaka 4:07 am 11:56 am 4:31 pm 6:25 pm 7:45 pm
Narsingdi 4:05 am 11:55 am 4:30 pm 6:24 pm 7:45 pm
Tungi 4:06 am 11:56 am 4:32 pm 6:26 pm 7:46 pm
Jessore 4:13 am 12:01 pm 4:35 pm 6:29 pm 7:49 pm
Khulna 4:12 am 11:59 am 4:34 pm 6:28 pm 7:47 pm
Rajshahi 4:13 am 12:03 pm 4:39 pm 6:33 pm 7:54 pm
Rangpur 4:07 am 12:01 pm 4:38 pm 6:33 pm 7:54 pm
Chittagong 4:04 am 11:50 am 4:24 pm 6:18 pm 7:37 pm
Comilla 4:04 am 11:53 am 4:28 pm 6:22 pm 7:42 pm
Cox S Bazar 4:05 am 11:50 am 4:22 pm 6:16 pm 7:35 pm
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Chittagong Prayer Timings

I daily come on this page just because of prayer timing and also for naats . on this page naats are available of all naat khawan.

lubna, chittagong Sun 23 Apr, 2017
Dhaka Prayer Timings

I can get weekly schedule of mine city prayers timing schedule that’s help me to offer the prayers at the right time which I can’t remerging that timing everyday

husna, dhaka Fri 21 Apr, 2017
Chittagong Prayer Timings

Now you don’t have to find your city prayers timing schedule form the another site because this site could give you the best schedule what you want

fayza, chitagong Sat 15 Apr, 2017
Dhaka Prayer Timings

Now I can note the best schedule of mine city prayers timing schedule of Dhaka city that has the authentic schedule to everyone who want this

ushba, dhaka Sat 15 Apr, 2017
Chittagong Prayer Timings

This is a very helpful site

zerin, chittagong Thu 13 Apr, 2017
Narayanganj Prayer Timings

Islam and Quran focus on too much on prayer for Allah SWT. Because by attempting it we not just complete our duty towards god, we also thanks Allah SWT for giving us the prizes in life.

mahnoor, narayanganj Sun 09 Apr, 2017
Feni Prayer Timings

Namaz is a pillar of Religion. If Namaz is accepted all other deeds are accepted. If Namaz is rejected then all other Deeds are rejected" Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)

iqra, feni Sun 09 Apr, 2017
Tangail Prayer Timings

One day Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) shook a dry limb of a tree so that all of the leaves of the furcate lapse off than the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said "The sins of those who pray Salah, drop off as the leaves of this branch fell off."

noor, tangail Sun 09 Apr, 2017
Barisal Prayer Timings

Salah strengthens the foundations of our faith. It prepares a human to live the beingness of goodness and compliance to ALLAH (SWT)

haleema, barisai Sun 09 Apr, 2017
Dinajpur Prayer Timings

Salah is the lavation asking practiced by Muslims in entreaty to Allah (SWT). The constituent is commonly utilized to touch to the five some regular prayers, which are obligatory upon all Muslims. 

shehzad, makkah Sun 09 Apr, 2017