Islamic Date Today

Islamic Hijri Date Today is 12 Rajab 1442. Islamic date is also called Hijri Date in the Muslim world that follows Moon phases as a lunar calendar. The Islamic Dates by calendar has 12 months with 29 or 30 days per month and 354 or 356 days in a year.

Today Islamic date
12 Rajab 1442
Today Gregorian date
25 Feb, 2021

Islamic Date Today Worldwide

Today Islamic date
13 Rajab 1442
Today Gregorian date
25 Feb, 2021

What is the Islamic Date today?
Islamic Date today is 13 Rajab 1442 in Saudia Arabia and 12 Rajab 1442 in Pakistan.

Islamic Date November 2021 - People often utilize the online Hijri calendar to check today Islamic date. Hijri date varies in different countries, for example, the moon date in Pakistan is often one day behind the Hijri date in Saudi Arabia.

The month of Rabi' al-Thani or Rabi Al-Akhir just begins and the Islamic date today is available here. This month is widely acknowledged with the renowned Sufi saint Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani. However, his followers observed the day of 11 Rabi us Sani as Gharween Sharif. In addition, 10 Rabi ul Sani has a great significance for Shia Muslims as they celebrate the birth of their eleventh Imam Hazrat Hasan Al-Askari on that day.

The next Islamic month is Jamadi ul Awwal or Jumada Al Awwal. This month is also associated with different Islamic dates and Islamic events. On 5 Jamadi ul Awwal, Bibi Zainab was born. However, she is a granddaughter of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and the daughter of Hazrat Ali and Bibi Fatima. On the other side, 15 Jamadi ul Awwal is the birth anniversary of Hazrat Zayn al-Abideen, the son of Hazrat Imam Hussain.

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in the last few years, the population of Muslims is highly increased. I have several Muslim friends and we do special preparations for Ramadan, Eid, and other events.
Waleed, Germany Mon 22 Feb, 2021

Muslims from different countries live in my town. We meet on weekly basis during the Friday prayer.
Hamza, Perth Mon 22 Feb, 2021

Islam is the second biggest religion in India and the Muslim population of country observed all events with great enthusiasm.
Azhar, Mumbai Mon 22 Feb, 2021

Each Islamic month has its own significance due to different historic events or nights for Ibadah. The night of Shabe Mairaj will come in the month of Rajab.
Kashif, Chittagong Mon 22 Feb, 2021

In March, both Shab e Mairaj and Shab e Barat will come. We should prepare for both these nights and should do a lot of ibadah.
Abid, Karachi Mon 22 Feb, 2021