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The Holy Quran is a true source of guidance for Muslims. As, Islam is the second biggest religion in the world, so the holy book is now available in several languages along with Quran Majeed PDF Arabic text. However, in Pakistan, the Quran PDF with Urdu translation is recited by several people. A large number of companies publish Holy Quran in Pakistan. However, people usually prefer to go with authentic Company Quran PDF download.

Here you can read high quality Quran Majeed PDF online. However, it also allows you to download Quran Sharif para 1 to 30 PDF. The Quran PDF free download for mobile and PC allows you to even read it offline without the need of an internet connection. Read the Quran Kareem PDF with translation in your own language such as Quran Indian PDF, Quran English PDF, Quran Urdu PDF, etc.

You can also read and download the translation in the regional languages of Pakistan such as Quran Sindhi PDF, Quran Saraiki PDF, Quran Pashto PDF, etc.On the other side, the Quran by Surah PDF allows you to check the Arabic text and translation of each holy surah such as Surah Yaseen PDF, Surah Waqiah PDF, Surah Rahman PDF, etc.

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Prefer Urdu translated version of Quran but range listed here is an ease for non muslims entering in islam to read it in native language. National spoken languages of pakistan can take advantage too.

  • Rubab, Hong kong
  • Wed 18 Jan, 2023

Alhamdulillah I recite the Quran with you website in mostly no of days, Allah may bless you. From India.

  • M D Khan, Aligarh Muslim University India
  • Thu 12 Jan, 2023

If you read Quran you'll be cleanse from all the bad thinkings and anxiety in your heart.

  • Sadaf, Birmingham
  • Mon 26 Dec, 2022

Your efferts are highly appreciateable.

  • Ali, Lahore
  • Mon 28 Nov, 2022

its a beautyfull truth

  • Muhammad Imran, Lahore
  • Fri 18 Nov, 2022

The Quran is mostly read by Muslims. The PDF translation of the Qur'an available online is quite helpful. I can note that there are several translations of the page. These translations are available in numerous languages, including Hindi, Yiddish, Chinese, and many more.

  • Imran, New York
  • Thu 17 Nov, 2022

For those who appreciate its value, learning to recite the Quran is a great blessing. You achieve real success in both this world and the next. Those who neglect the Quran and become preoccupied with earthly affairs are unlucky. Make it a practise to read the Quran every day.

  • Marium, Riyadh
  • Fri 11 Nov, 2022

I really appreciate your efforts and struggle in the way of Allah, May Allah accept your struggles and enable us to participate in aspects of struggles in his way.

  • Abdullah, Mardan
  • Mon 07 Nov, 2022

The Qur'an includes 114 Surahs and 30 Parts. Kawthar is the smallest chapter while Surah Baqarah is the longest surah. Ramadan is the month when the Holy Quran was revealed. And Ramadan is one of the four holy months in the 12-month Islamic hijir calendar.

  • Dania, Australia
  • Fri 09 Sep, 2022

What an interesting page I have just found that has all the Quran's surah in various languages. So glad that I have found this page. I can also share it with my friends and family.

  • Abid , Winnipeg
  • Wed 31 Aug, 2022