Bangladesh Qibla Directions

Qibla Directions in Bangladesh - Find Qibla directions with online qibla compass of different cities in Bangladesh with complete information to locate mecca. Browse Qibla Directions in Bangladesh from your location with the help of google map and online qibla compass available on page. You will also find here namaz direction and other countries Makkah Qibla directions.
Bangladesh Qibla Direction (Top Cities)

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Dhaka Qibla Direction

I really like this type of page because this page is very helpful for any Muslim for
knowing the direction of qibla and also use it when I go anywhere

Saima, Dhaka Mon 12 Mar, 2018
Tangail Qibla Direction

All those Muslims of Tangail who are having problem in figuring out the right Qibla directions can rely on this newly discovered online page from a reliable source that gives us updated Tangail Qibla Directions online.

Rukhsar, Tangail Fri 05 May, 2017
Sylhet Qibla Direction

I have recently suggested this right Khana e Kaaba location, and information about latitude, and longitude for Sylhet city! After browsing, I found this Sylhet Qibla Directions page that is certainly the best thing ever to be found.

Rabiya, Sylhet Fri 05 May, 2017
Rangpur Qibla Direction

Staying on a work visa here in Rangpur. I am a practicing Muslim and I feel bad when I miss Salaat only because I don’t know the right Khana e Kaaba directions here. Finally I found this Rangpur Qibla Directions page for giving me directions on time.

Shiza, Rangpur Fri 05 May, 2017
Rajshahi Qibla Direction

I have asked Muslim scholars based in Rajshahi about accurate Khana e Kaaba directions according to the geographical location of the city. They informed me about this online Rajshahi Qibla Direction page which I am following now.

Daniyal, Rajshahi Fri 05 May, 2017