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Today's 16 Sep, 2019 (16 Muharram 1441 ) Chichawatni Sehr & Iftar Time. Chichawatni Ramadan Timing is: Sehar: 04:32 AM and Iftar: 6:15 PM (Hanafi/Safi'i). According to Fiqa Jafria (Shia) Sehr and Iftar Time is: Sehr: 04:22 and Iftar: 06:25 . Find 30 Days Ramadan time table for Chichawatni

Today's Sehr o Iftar Time Chichawatni

 Sehr   سحر 
 Iftar   افطار 
  04:32 am   6:15 pm
Jafria: Sehr 04:22  Iftar 06:25

RAMADAN TIME TABLE 2019 - Chichawatni

(SEHR-O-IFTAR TIME - اوقات سحر و افطار)
1 Tue 07 May 03:51 AM 6:52 PM
2 Wed 08 May 03:50 AM 6:53 PM
3 Thu 09 May 03:49 AM 6:53 PM
4 Fri 10 May 03:48 AM 6:54 PM
5 Sat 11 May 03:47 AM 6:55 PM
6 Sun 12 May 03:46 AM 6:55 PM
7 Mon 13 May 03:45 AM 6:56 PM
8 Tue 14 May 03:44 AM 6:57 PM
9 Wed 15 May 03:43 AM 6:57 PM
10 Thu 16 May 03:42 AM 6:58 PM
11 Fri 17 May 03:41 AM 6:59 PM
12 Sat 18 May 03:40 AM 6:59 PM
13 Sun 19 May 03:40 AM 7:00 PM
14 Mon 20 May 03:39 AM 7:01 PM
15 Tue 21 May 03:38 AM 7:01 PM
16 Wed 22 May 03:37 AM 7:02 PM
17 Thu 23 May 03:36 AM 7:02 PM
18 Fri 24 May 03:36 AM 7:03 PM
19 Sat 25 May 03:35 AM 7:04 PM
20 Sun 26 May 03:34 AM 7:04 PM
21 Mon 27 May 03:34 AM 7:05 PM
22 Tue 28 May 03:33 AM 7:05 PM
23 Wed 29 May 03:33 AM 7:06 PM
24 Thu 30 May 03:32 AM 7:07 PM
25 Fri 31 May 03:32 AM 7:07 PM
26 Sat 01 June 03:31 AM 7:08 PM
27 Sun 02 June 03:31 AM 7:08 PM
28 Mon 03 June 03:30 AM 7:09 PM
29 Tue 04 June 03:30 AM 7:09 PM
30 Wed 05 June 03:30 AM 7:10 PM

Chichawatni Ramadan Timing | Reviews

Hamari Web always gives accurate time tables for all the cities across Pakistan... Its fine for Chichawatni
Arshad Mughal , Chichawatni Sun 12 May, 2019

Chichawatni people are waiting for the ramadan and now they have much convenience in timings and other related issued faced in the month.
Tahira, chichawatni Tue 15 May, 2018

Chichawatani Ramadan timings is helpful for me because this is the information which is necessary in the Ramadan for getting the updates of the Ramadan timings
Akram, Chichawatni Fri 11 May, 2018

Ramadan is going to start in few days. Those who are in search of latest Ramadan schedule can check out this website from where I have subscribed this online Chichawatni Ramadan Timings.
Laiba, Chichawatni Fri 12 May, 2017

Sab Ko 2016 ka Ramzan Mubarak ho.........! Haidar Ali Art Graphic's From Chichawatni.
Haidar Ali, Chichawatni Tue 07 Jun, 2016

Welcome Ramadan 2016! It is so good to access the Chichawatni Ramadan Timings for Sehr o Iftar online on this page. Now I don’t have to look for a calendar in the market. I can simply save this link for the whole month.
Humayun, chichawatni Mon 23 May, 2016

Chichawatni Ramadan timing on this page shows that this time Ramadan comes in very hot weather condition. I never miss any fast of Ramadan, this time I will also keep fasts.
waleed, chichawatni Mon 16 May, 2016

I am all glad to access Chichawatni Ramadan Timings for Sehr o Iftar online on this page. I am all happy and glad to witness this online facility. I will recommend it to all my friends and relatives living in Chichawatni to follow this page.
Zafar, chichawatni Thu 28 Apr, 2016

I am all glad to access Chichawatni Ramadan Timing for Sehr o Iftar online on this page. I am all happy and glad to witness this online facility. I will recommend it to all my friends and relatives living in Pakistan to follow this page.
talha, chichawatni Sat 23 Apr, 2016

Chichawatni Ramadan Timing 2019 (Daily Sher-o-Iftar time Calendar)

CHICHAWATNI RAMADAN TIME TABLE 2019 - Find Ramadan (رمضان) Calendar and Timetable 2019 along with Today's Sehr-o-Iftar Time of 16 Sep, 2019 (16 Muharram 1441 ). Chichawatni Ramadan Timing is as follows: SEHAR Time: 04:32 AM and IFTAR Time: 6:15 PM (Hanafi/Safi'i). According to Fiqa Jafria Sehr o Iftar Time is as follows: SEHAR Time: 04:22 and IFTAR Time: 06:25 . designed Ramadan calendar especially for Chichawatni Ramadan Timing 2019 for all fiqh and sect.

The variation of a term is different in languages and regions are as follows: Ramadan is called in Arabic رمضان or Ramadhan, in Urdu it is called Ramazan and in Turkish as Ramathan, Muslim also call Saum, Roza or Siyam. It is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and the month in which the Quran was revealed. Search Chichawatni Ramadan Timing for fasting during the month of Ramadan in Pakistan, it’s of the Five Pillars of Islam. The month is spent by Muslims fasting during the daylight hours from dawn to sunset (also called sehri / Suhur and iftar time). Today's Islamic Date in Pakistan is 16 Muharram 1441 .

Ramadan is very special a month long religion event where a majority of Muslim worldwide have fasting during a day time.Fasting (also called Roza & Siam / sawm) begins just before starting the Fajr prayer time that is called Sher (Suhur) and Iftar Time starts just after sunset. Ramadan 2019 Chichawatni Timing as follows: Chichawatni Sehr Time: 04:32 AM and Chichawatni Iftar Time: 6:15 PM. Find more information about Chichawatni Ramadan times, today prayer time & Chichawatni qibla direction along with details hadith about Ramadan and Roza. You can also read Sehr and Iftar Dua with translations.

What People Most Find During Ramadan

What time is Ramadan in Chichawatni?
SEHR 04:32 AM سحر & IFTAR 6:15 PM افطار

What time is Iftar today in Chichawatni?
6:15 PM

What is Sehri time?
04:32 AM

What is Ramadan Start Date and End Date?
Ramadan Start: May 07, 2019 & Ramadan End: June 05, 2019

Disclaimer: We make every effort to verify all information in but it’s always better to double consult from your local Mosque / Masjid. If there is any issue, concern or you find any error, please email us at [email protected] Please note there is a 1 minute preventative difference in both as Sehr Time set 1 minute earlier and Iftar 1 minute later here.