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China Prayer Timings - Today Accurate Prayer Timings of China, detail Salah schedule & timetable. All cities Fajr time in China, Dhuhur, Asr time in China, Maghrib time & Isha timing with customize option of prayer times calculation methods & juristic methods. China cities Prayer Times with Qibla direction and complete guidance for your Namaz.

City Fajar Dhuhur Asr Maghrib Isha
Kaifeng 5:06 am 12:08 pm 3:19 pm 5:46 pm 7:05 pm
Zhumadian 5:07 am 12:09 pm 3:22 pm 5:49 pm 7:06 pm
Yueyang 5:11 am 12:13 pm 3:29 pm 5:55 pm 7:10 pm
Wuhan 5:06 am 12:08 pm 3:23 pm 5:50 pm 7:05 pm
Beijing 4:57 am 12:00 pm 3:04 pm 5:32 pm 6:57 pm
Shanghai 4:37 am 11:40 am 2:54 pm 5:20 pm 6:36 pm
Tai An 4:54 am 11:57 am 3:06 pm 5:33 pm 6:54 pm
Chengdu 5:47 am 12:49 pm 4:04 pm 6:30 pm 7:46 pm
Nanchong 5:39 am 12:41 pm 3:56 pm 6:22 pm 7:38 pm
Chongqing 5:37 am 12:39 pm 3:55 pm 6:21 pm 7:36 pm

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Tashi Prayer Times

Whenever I visit Tashi, I use this website to check the prayer time. This schedule is so helpful for me.

Tabish, Tashi Thu 24 Dec, 2020
Shanghai Prayer Times

Muslims living in Shanghai should utilize this website as it has accurate information about prayer time.

Tariq, Shanghai Thu 24 Dec, 2020
Beijing Prayer Times

Beijing is the capital city of China. There are over around 70 mosques in the city. I often visit them at prayer time to offer salah.

Rashid, Beijing Thu 24 Dec, 2020
Guangzhou Prayer Times

Guangzhoun has some old historic mosques and they conduct salah as per the prayer time.

Anonymous, Guangzhou Thu 24 Dec, 2020
Guangzhou Prayer Times

For the Guangzhou prayer timings I just get the best experience from here which can help me really much to find out the really good schedule

zoya, guangzhou Fri 30 Aug, 2019
Shenzhen Prayer Times

For the Shenzhen prayer timings here we can easily get the best experience of having the great information of daily routine prayer timings

nafeesa, shenzhen Fri 30 Aug, 2019
Guangzhou Prayer Times

If you want to offer the five time prayers and you don’t have any timing schedule so
you don’t worry about that because this site show the every city prayers timing

owais, narowal Sun 05 May, 2019
Shenzhen Prayer Times

Shenzhen prayer timing page make it very easy for me for getting the best prayer
timings of my city I am really thankful for the person who add this information there

qurat ul ain, quetta Sun 05 May, 2019
Name Prayer Times

Get the name city prayer timing schedule for getting the amazing information what we really want and this is really good for all the Muslim to get it here

ali, karachi Mon 08 Apr, 2019
Humen Prayer Times

Can you please advise if there is a Mussalah or a masjid in Humen city, Dongguan, China.

Touqeer khan, USA Thu 13 Dec, 2018