Doha Ramadan Timing 2024

Today, 23 February, 2024 (13 Shaban 1445), the Ramadan timings in Doha are in accordance with the sunset and dawn as follows: the Doha Sehri time is 04:43 am, and the Iftar time in Doha is 5:33 pm.

Today Sehri & Iftar Time in Doha - Qatar

Date Sehri Iftar
23 Feb, 2024 04:43 am 5:33 pm
Jafria: Sehr 04:33 Am Iftar 05:43 Pm
Note: 1 minute preventative difference in Sehri (-1 min) & Iftar (+1 min)

Ramadan Calendar 2024 Doha

1 04:28 AM 5:42 PM 11 Mar 2024
2 04:27 AM 5:43 PM 12 Mar 2024
3 04:26 AM 5:43 PM 13 Mar 2024
4 04:25 AM 5:43 PM 14 Mar 2024
5 04:24 AM 5:44 PM 15 Mar 2024
6 04:23 AM 5:44 PM 16 Mar 2024
7 04:21 AM 5:45 PM 17 Mar 2024
8 04:20 AM 5:45 PM 18 Mar 2024
9 04:19 AM 5:46 PM 19 Mar 2024
10 04:18 AM 5:46 PM 20 Mar 2024
11 04:17 AM 5:47 PM 21 Mar 2024
12 04:16 AM 5:47 PM 22 Mar 2024
13 04:15 AM 5:48 PM 23 Mar 2024
14 04:14 AM 5:48 PM 24 Mar 2024
15 04:13 AM 5:48 PM 25 Mar 2024
16 04:12 AM 5:49 PM 26 Mar 2024
17 04:10 AM 5:49 PM 27 Mar 2024
18 04:09 AM 5:50 PM 28 Mar 2024
19 04:08 AM 5:50 PM 29 Mar 2024
20 04:07 AM 5:51 PM 30 Mar 2024
21 04:06 AM 5:51 PM 31 Mar 2024
22 04:05 AM 5:52 PM 01 Apr 2024
23 04:04 AM 5:52 PM 02 Apr 2024
24 04:02 AM 5:52 PM 03 Apr 2024
25 04:01 AM 5:53 PM 04 Apr 2024
26 04:00 AM 5:53 PM 05 Apr 2024
27 03:59 AM 5:54 PM 06 Apr 2024
28 03:58 AM 5:54 PM 07 Apr 2024
29 03:57 AM 5:55 PM 08 Apr 2024
30 03:56 AM 5:55 PM 09 Apr 2024

Disclaimer: Please note there is a 01 minute preventative difference in both as Sehri ends 1 minute earlier and iftar starts with 01 minute delay. Hamariweb makes every effort to verify all info & time along with DST in (some countries) but it’s always better to double consult from your local Mosque / Masjid. If there is any issue, concern or you find error, please email at [email protected]

Doha Ramadan Timing 2024 (Today Sehri & Iftar Time Calendar)

Ramadan Calendar 2024 Doha is all about Doha Ramadan time including today Sehri Time at 04:43 and iftar time at 5:33 . Today, on Friday 23 Feb, 2024 is 13 Shaban 1445 of the islamic month.

There is a few minutes difference in Fiqa Jafria Sehr o Iftar Time in Doha which is as follows Shia Sehri Time: 04:33 and Iftar Time: 05:43.

However, there are different variations of this name. It is called Ramadan in Arabic and other pronunciations are also common in different parts of the world like Ramzan, Ramazan, Ramadhan, and Ramathan. The Islamic calendar is usually ten to twelve days shorter than the Georgian calendar and Iftar time in Doha varies each year. It is a reason that a large number of people utilize the Ramadan calendar 2024 Doha to check Roza or Iftar time and Doha Sehri time.

The Muslim population living in Doha can remain updated with the Ramadan Calendar 2024 Doha and can analyze the number of fasting hours. Besides Sehri or Suhoor and Iftar time in Doha today, you can also view prayer timings, Qibla direction, and other information about Doha on other pages.

Iftar time in Doha in different areas has a minor difference, especially those which have a long distance between them. The good thing about this Ramadan 2024 Doha schedule is that it is valid for districts of Doha including Al Muntazah, Al Sadd, Bin Mahmoud, Old Ghanim, Al Rayyan, Abu Hamour, The Villagio Area, and West Bay. Usually, it is recommended to stop eating one or two minutes before the last Sehri time Doha. With the help of this Ramadan 1445 calendar, you can do fasting as per the Doha Ramadan timing 2024 for your town. Besides having a look at the updated Ramadan 2024 Doha timetable, you can also get information about Doha sunrise time.

As the holy month of Ramadan nears, Doha blossoms into a tapestry of spiritual fervor and cultural vibrancy. Explore mosques like the Imam Muhammad bin AbdulWahhab, radiating Ottoman grandeur, or the contemporary masterpiece West Bay Jamia Masjid adorned with geometric patterns. The Katara Mosque, with turquoise pools and intricate mosaics, exudes serene beauty, while the Golden Masjid bathed in golden hues invites tranquility. Join the evocative Taraweeh prayers and, at Iftar Time today Doha, relish the fragrance of dates and traditional Qatari dishes like Thareed and Machboos, strengthening bonds amid a backdrop of spiritual nourishment. But Ramadan's essence truly unfolds within the sacred walls of these magnificent mosques. Immerse yourself in the quiet devotion of Itikaf, a spiritual retreat observed by some during the last ten days of Ramadan. Disconnect from the worldly and reconnect with the divine, spending days in prayer and contemplation within the mosque's hallowed halls. Amidst Ramadan tents, adorned with lanterns and carpets, partake in Suhoor feasts, where laughter and camaraderie intertwine with pre-dawn nourishment. Let Doha enchant you this Ramadan, as you experience the serenity of its mosques in Iftar time Doha, embrace community warmth, and savor the unique flavors of a city embracing its spiritual core.

When Doha Ramadan Time 2024 is expected?

Ramadan starts in Doha 2024 is expected to take place on the evening of Sunday, March 10th. Subsequently, the first day of fasting is anticipated to occur on Tuesday, March 11th.

What is Sehri time today?

A large number of people utilize the Ramadan calendar 2024 Doha to check suhoor time or Doha Sehri time. Today Sehri Time is 04:43 on 23 Feb, 2024 and expected 12 hours 50 minutes long fasting day today.

What is Iftar Time in Doha?

The difference between Doha Sehri time Ramadan 2024 and Roza or Iftar time is the total duration of each fasting day. You can open fast by looking at Iftar time in Doha today. Today Iftar Time in Doha is 5:33 on 23 Feb, 2024 and tomorrow iftar time will be 5:34 pm.

Doha Sehri End Time?

Today 23 Feb, 2024 Doha Sehri End Time is 04:43 .

How Long Fasting Time Today?

Today fasting time in Doha is around 12 hours 50 minutes.

Doha Fasting Start and End Time

Today 23 Feb, 2024 Sehri time ends at 04:43 and Iftar time starts at 5:33 .

Ramadan 2024 Doha Start and End Date

This year Ramadan in Doha is expected to start on 10 March and ends on 8 April 2024.

Doha Ramadan Timing | Reviews

The blessed month of Ramadan is about to begin, and we are grateful to you for sharing this informative calendar.

  • Sehrish, Doha

I have been constantly referring to this site for the Times concerned for Iftaar as well as Sehri. It helps extract details and timings of Doha. Recommend to those who want to know the actual timing of Doha

  • Babar, doha

No comment 😭 Ramadan leave us Eid also❤️😭

  • Jakir Haris, New Industrial area

stuck in Doha because of the recent travel ban. Now with the help of this ramadan timing, i can observe my Ramadan properly in a city where i don't know anyone and visited for work. Thanks for this great service.

  • Afif, Doha

We're observing out second fast here in Qatar. Thanks for providing this Ramadan timing calednar.

  • Munim, Doha