El Bayadh Sehri & Iftar Timing - Algeria

Today 10 Apr 2021 El Bayadh Sehri Time is 04:57 am, and El Bayadh Iftar Time is 7:24 pm. Sehri and Iftar time in El Bayadh is according to today's Islamic date and month as 28 Shaban 1442. 30 days monthly calendar for El Bayadh and suburb area is included with Suhoor and Iftar time for 30 days with Download PDF and Print features.

Today El Bayadh Sehri & Iftar Time

Date Sehri Iftar
10 Apr 2021 04:57 am 7:24 pm
Jafria: Sehri Time 04:47 am and Iftar Time 07:34 pm

El Bayadh Sehri & Iftar Timings

10 April 2021 04:57 AM 7:24 PM
11 April 2021 04:55 AM 7:25 PM
12 April 2021 04:53 AM 7:26 PM
13 April 2021 04:52 AM 7:27 PM
14 April 2021 04:50 AM 7:27 PM
15 April 2021 04:49 AM 7:28 PM
16 April 2021 04:47 AM 7:29 PM
17 April 2021 04:46 AM 7:30 PM
18 April 2021 04:44 AM 7:30 PM
19 April 2021 04:43 AM 7:31 PM
20 April 2021 04:41 AM 7:32 PM
21 April 2021 04:40 AM 7:33 PM
22 April 2021 04:38 AM 7:33 PM
23 April 2021 04:37 AM 7:34 PM
24 April 2021 04:36 AM 7:35 PM
25 April 2021 04:34 AM 7:36 PM
26 April 2021 04:33 AM 7:36 PM
27 April 2021 04:31 AM 7:37 PM
28 April 2021 04:30 AM 7:38 PM
29 April 2021 04:28 AM 7:39 PM
30 April 2021 04:27 AM 7:39 PM
01 May 2021 04:26 AM 7:40 PM
02 May 2021 04:24 AM 7:41 PM
03 May 2021 04:23 AM 7:42 PM
04 May 2021 04:22 AM 7:43 PM
05 May 2021 04:20 AM 7:43 PM
06 May 2021 04:19 AM 7:44 PM
07 May 2021 04:18 AM 7:45 PM
08 May 2021 04:17 AM 7:46 PM
09 May 2021 04:15 AM 7:46 PM

Ramadan Time 2021 in El Bayadh is based on the time of Inteha e Sehar and iftar. Today 10 Apr 2021 El Bayadh Sehri time is 04:57 AM and El Bayadh Iftar time is 7:24 PM. The total duration of Fasting depends on the duration or number of hours between Suhoor and Iftar that is from Dawn to Dusk.

The information about Sehri time in El Bayadh and Iftar time in El Bayadh is mentioned on this page. It is noted that both El Bayadh Iftar time and El Bayadh Sehri time change on daily basis. The fasting in Ramadan is obligatory on Muslims and the knowledge about Sehri time El Bayadh and Iftar time allow them to open and close fast on accurate time. With the help of this page, you can remain updated with both these timings.

Several people also do Nafil fasting as per the El Bayadh Iftar time and El Bayadh Sehri time. The 13th, 14th, and 15th dates of Islamic months are known as Ayyam e Baiz. Muslims usually do fasting on these dates according to the Iftar time El Bayadh and Sehri time El Bayadh. On the other side, people also visit El Bayadh from other cities for job, business, or travel purposes, and they want to remain updated with information related to the Sehri time in El Bayadh and Iftar time in El Bayadh.

There is a difference of few minutes in El Bayadh Sehri time and El Bayadh Iftar time of Fiqa Hanafi and Fiqa Jafria. The Iftar time El Bayadh for Shia Muslims comes around 10 minutes after the Iftar time In El Bayadh for Sunni Muslims. Similarly, the Sehri time El Bayadh today 2021 for Ahle Tashi Muslims comes before the today Sehri time in El Bayadh for Sunni Islam sect. The information about today's Iftar time El Bayadh and Sehri time El Bayadh for both fiqh is present on this page.

What is Sehri time in El Bayadh today?

Today Sehri Time in El Bayadh is 04:57 am on 10 Apr 2021. It is usually recommended to stop eating one or two minutes before the Sehri time. The beginning time for Fajr prayer is the start of fasting, and Quran Verse for Sehri start time is:

"And eat and drink until the white thread of the dawn becomes distinct from the black thread (darkness of night); then complete the fast up to the night."

What is Iftar Time in El Bayadh?

Today El Bayadh Iftar Time is 7:24 pm on 10 Apr 2021, and tomorrow 11 Apr 2021 iftar time will be 7:25 pm.

What is Ramadan Start Date and End Date?

Ramadan Start: Apr 14, 2021 & Ramadan End: May 13, 2021. It is generally observed that Ramadan starts one day later in some parts of the world such as South Asian countries including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

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