Hadith on Fear Prayer

Fear Prayer Hadith of Sahih Bukhari book from Chapter No. 13 The Book Of Salat-Ul-Khauf (Fear Prayer) written by Imam Muhammad al-Bukhari. This chapter has 6 Hadith in total regarding Hadith on Fear Prayer. Sahih Bukhari book has a total of ninety-nine chapters and 7558 hadiths in this collection.

 Chapter Name  The Book Of Salat-Ul-Khauf (Fear Prayer)
 Book Name  Sahih Bukhari
 Writer  Imam Muhammad al-Bukhari
 Chapter Number  13
 Total Hadith  6
 Translation   English, Urdu, Arabic
 Baab  Namaz E Khauf Ka Bayan

Sahih Bukhari 942

Narrated Shu'aib: I asked Az-Zuhri, Did the Prophet ever offer the Fear Prayer? Az-Zuhri said, I was told by Salim that `Abdullah bin `Umar I had said, 'I took part in a holy battle with Allah's Apostle I in Najd. We faced the enemy and..


Sahih Bukhari 943

Narrated Nafi`: Ibn `Umar said something similar to Mujahid's saying: Whenever (Muslims and non-Muslims) stand face to face in battle, the Muslims can pray while standing. Ibn `Umar added, The Prophet said, 'If the number of the enemy is greater..


Sahih Bukhari 944

Narrated Ibn `Abbas: Once the Prophet (p.b.u.h) led the fear prayer and the people stood behind him. He said Takbir (Allahu-Akbar) and the people said the same. He bowed and some of them bowed. Then he prostrated and they also prostrated. Then he..


Sahih Bukhari 945

Narrated Jabir bin `Abdullah: On the day of the Khandaq `Umar came, cursing the disbelievers of Quraish and said, O Allah's Apostle! I have not offered the `Asr prayer and the sun has set. The Prophet replied, By Allah! I too, have not..


Sahih Bukhari 946

Narrated Ibn `Umar:When the Prophet (saws) returned from the battle of Al-Ahzab (The confederates), he said to us, None should offer the 'Asr prayer but at Bani Quraiza. The 'Asr prayer became due for some of them on the way. Some of them..


Sahih Bukhari 947

Narrated Anas bin Malik: Allah's Apostle (p.b.u.h) offered the Fajr prayer when it was still dark, then he rode and said, 'Allah Akbar! Khaibar is ruined. When we approach near to a nation, the most unfortunate is the morning of those who have been..


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