Sunan An Nasai

Sunan An Nasai is among one of the six key Hadith books and written by Imam An-Nasai. There are 5,760 hadees and 57 chapters in this hadith collection. For Muslims, Sunan An Nasai is a great source of information and guidance. Through its vast number of chapters, it is guiding Muslim ummah in different aspects of life. When talking about the biggest chapter of Sunan An Nasai, the Book of Hajj is the biggest chapter with 467 hadees. It is just perfect for Muslims who are looking to perform the obligation of Hajj or just want to know about the duties related to Hajj.

Book Name Sunan An Nasai
Writer Imam An-Nasai
Total Chapters 57
Total Hadith 5760
Chapter No. Name Total Hadith
1 The Book of Purification 325 Hadith
2 The Book of Water 23 Hadith
3 The Book of Menstruation and Istihadah 47 Hadith
4 The Book of Ghusl and Tayammum 53 Hadith
5 The Book of Salah 46 Hadith
6 The Book of the Times (of Prayer) 132 Hadith
7 The Book of the Adhan (The Call to Prayer) 62 Hadith
8 The Book of the Masjids 53 Hadith
9 The Book of the Qiblah 36 Hadith
10 The Book of Leading the Prayer (Al-Imamah) 99 Hadith
11 The Book of the Commencement of the Prayer 153 Hadith
12 The Book of The At-Tatbiq (Clasping One's Hands Together) 150 Hadith
13 The Book of Forgetfulness (In Prayer) 188 Hadith
14 The Book of Jumu'ah (Friday Prayer) 66 Hadith
15 The Book of Shortening the Prayer When Traveling 26 Hadith
16 The Book of Eclipses 45 Hadith
17 The Book of Praying for Rain (Al-Istisqa') 25 Hadith
18 The Book of the Fear Prayer 27 Hadith
19 The Book of the Prayer for the Two 'Eids 42 Hadith
20 The Book of Qiyam Al-Lail (The Night Prayer) and Voluntary Prayers During the Day 220 Hadith
21 The Book of Funerals 273 Hadith
22 The Book of Fasting 345 Hadith
23 The Book of Zakah 183 Hadith
24 The Book of Hajj 467 Hadith
25 The Book of Jihad 111 Hadith
26 The Book of Marriage 193 Hadith
27 The Book of the Kind Treatment of Women 27 Hadith
28 The Book of Divorce 173 Hadith
29 The Book of Horses, Races and Shooting 33 Hadith
30 The Book of Endowments 17 Hadith
31 The Book of Wills 61 Hadith
32 The Book of Gifts 16 Hadith
33 The Book of Gifts (Hiba) 18 Hadith
34 The Book of ar-Ruqba 14 Hadith
35 The Book of 'Umra 42 Hadith
36 The Book of Oaths and Vows 96 Hadith
37 The Book of Mazara'h 83 Hadith
37 The Book of Fighting [The Prohibition of Bloodshed] 83 Hadith
39 The Book Of The Distribution Of Al-Fay' 16 Hadith
40 The Book of al-Bay'ah 63 Hadith
41 Kitab ul Aqeeqa 10 Hadith
42 The Book of al-Fara' and al-'Atirah 41 Hadith
43 The Book of Hunting and Slaughtering 98 Hadith
44 The Book of ad-Dahaya (Sacrifices) 88 Hadith
45 The Book of Financial Transactions 256 Hadith
46 The Book of Oaths (qasamah), Retaliation and Blood Money 164 Hadith
47 The Book of Cutting off the Hand of the Thief 115 Hadith
48 The Book Of Faith and its Signs 54 Hadith
49 The Book of Adornment 184 Hadith
50 The Book of Adornment (Minal Mujtaba) 154 Hadith
51 The Book of the Etiquette of Judges 161 Hadith
51 The Book of Seeking Refuge with Allah 161 Hadith
52 The Book of Drinks 220 Hadith

Sunan An Nasai

Sunan An Nasai or Sunan as-Sughara has a vast collection of hadith that are considered fairly authentic. Imam An-Nasai compiled the hadiths and traveled to Baghdad, Ash-Sham, Egypt, Mecca, and many other cities to seek knowledge. Sunan An Nasai includes over 5,000 hadith (around 5,760) that makes it a valuable addition among the Islamic books.

The second biggest chapter of Sunan An Nasai is the Book of Purification that has 325 hadiths. As purification has a key significance in Islam and it is regarded as half Emaan, so this chapter all answers related to the Ahkam-eTaharat. However, along with this chapter, you can also consult the Book of Water, The Book of Menstruation and Istihadah, and the Book of Ghusl and Tayammum for further guidance regarding tiharat.

The Book of Marriage and the Book of Divorce are the key sources of information regarding topics related to all marriage and divorce-related issues. On the other side, the Book Of Financial Transactions will guide you to perform and manage your business and finance related activities as per the Islamic law and Shariah. Islam gives several rights to women and in case you are looking for the hadees and information regarding this topic, you can consult the Book of the Kind Treatment of Women. So just click on the link of the respective chapter for the required information and hadiths.


Sunan An Nasai in English also known as Sunan As Sughra one of the major books of Hadith (Sahah Sitta). It was compiled by the great scholar of Hadith, Abu Abdur-Rahman Ahmad bin Shuaib bin Bahr An-Nasai Nasa of Khurasan (214-303AH). Sunan an Nasai in English Translation hadith book has the fewest weak Ahadith after the two Sahih collections. This Sunan is one of the six is al-Mujtaba or as-Sunan as-Sughara, which is a synopsis of a large collection of hadith which he considered to be fairly reliable. In the smaller collection, only those hadith which he considered to be reliable have been included.


Imam An-Nasai, like other great scholars of Hadith traveled to Baghdad, Ash-Sham, Egypt, Mecca, and many other cities to seek knowledge. He received the praises of many scholars including Ad-Daraqutni who said about him: "He is given preference over all others who are mentioned with this knowledge from the people of his time". This great book Sunan An Nasai of his contains 5760 hadith, making it an invaluable addition to anyone's library. Muslims regard this collection as the fifth most important of their sahah sitta hadith. You can find all the Sunan An Nasai in English translation hadith on this page. Just click on the chapter below to find out the related hadith.

Reviews & Comments

Dont know the difference of Six Books of Hadith but its 1000 times better then annonymous fairy tales we bound our children with. There are rea life scenarios and great way to keep the children go beyond the imagination and can solve any hypothetical situation on the basis of Sunan un nasai

  • Jasmine, Bahrain
  • Tue 28 Mar, 2023

Cleanliness is half of your faith. Learn more about it in purification chapter. Answers to your queries and guidance on such topic is available in sequel chapters.

  • Hazan, Kashmir
  • Wed 18 Jan, 2023

Hold the rope Of Allah with Quran and Six book of Hadith tightly and dont let newly invented affairs about islam mislead you

  • Owais, Sibi
  • Thu 12 Jan, 2023

The scholars have given it superiority and this is the renowned hadith by inam an nasai.The diversified knowledge is found in it about all pillars of islam & more.

  • Areeb, Islamabad
  • Sat 31 Dec, 2022

Sunan An Nasai was written by Imam An-Nasai. This hadith collection comprises 57 chapters and 5,760 hadees. Muslims can learn about several things through Sunan An Nasai.

  • Naira, United States
  • Tue 13 Dec, 2022