Sunan Ibn Majah

The book is written by Imam Ibn Majah. In total, there are 39 chapters and 4,340 hadiths in the collection. As one of the most authentic books of Islam ever written, the author of Sunan Ibn Majah book was Ibn Majah. The book is a comprehensive guide to all Muslims on the topic of following the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him Sunnah and teachings.

Book Name Sunan Ibn Majah
Writer Imam Ibn Majah
Total Chapters 39
Total Hadith 4340
Chapter No. Name Total Hadith
1 The Book of the Sunnah 266 Hadith
2 The Book of Purification and its Sunnah 298 Hadith
3 The Book Of Tayammum (Rubbing Hands And Feet With Dust) 102 Hadith
4 The Book of the Prayer 39 Hadith
5 The Book of the Adhan and the Sunnah Regarding It 29 Hadith
6 The Book On The Mosques And The Congregations 68 Hadith
7 Establishing the Prayer and the Sunnah Regarding Them 630 Hadith
8 Chapters Regarding Funerals 205 Hadith
9 Fasting 145 Hadith
10 The Chapters Regarding Zakat 62 Hadith
11 The Chapters on Marriage 171 Hadith
12 The Chapters on Divorce 74 Hadith
13 The Chapters on Expiation 47 Hadith
14 The Chapters on Business Transactions 171 Hadith
15 The Chapters on Rulings 67 Hadith
16 The Chapters on Gifts 15 Hadith
17 The Chapters on Charity 46 Hadith
18 The Chapters on Pawning 56 Hadith
19 The Chapters on Pre-emption 10 Hadith
20 The Chapters on Lost Property 10 Hadith
21 The Chapters on Manumission (of Slaves) 21 Hadith
22 The Chapters on Legal Punishments 82 Hadith
23 The Chapters on Blood Money 80 Hadith
24 The Chapters on Wills 24 Hadith
25 Chapters on Shares of Inheritance 34 Hadith
26 The Chapters on Jihad 129 Hadith
27 Chapters on Hajj Rituals 238 Hadith
28 Chapters on Sacrifices 42 Hadith
29 Chapters on Slaughtering 38 Hadith
30 Chapters on Hunting 51 Hadith
31 Chapters on Food 120 Hadith
32 Chapters on Drinks 65 Hadith
33 Chapters on Medicine 114 Hadith
34 Chapters on Dress 107 Hadith
35 Etiquette 170 Hadith
36 Supplication 66 Hadith
37 Interpretation of Dreams 34 Hadith
38 Tribulations 173 Hadith
39 Zuhd 242 Hadith

Sunan Ibn Majah

The book has a great significance among Muslims. The book belongs to the six key hadith collections. Imam Ibn Majah did a great effort to compile and write all hadith. It is a reason that his work is widely acknowledged by Muslim jurists.

Sunan Ibn Majah is a perfect source of information regarding Islamic knowledge and hadees due to the presence of several chapters in a single book. When talking about the significance of a book, it focuses or emphasizes on every aspect of life in a beautiful manner and explains briefly how a Muslim can live according to the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him.

Sunan Ibn Majah contains guides to do charity, marriage, fasting, the fulfillment of oath and promises, even business relations are discussed in the book. The compilation of only the Hadith that Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him narrated was extremely important and so Imam Ibn-e-Majah traveled to meet the source of the hadith to check whether it was coming from a reliable source or not.

Imam Ibn-e-Majah was also considered to be extra-ordinary due to his ability to memorize everything. By the time of compilation, he knew many hadiths by heart and used to narrate them to his students.


Sunan Ibn Majah is one of the major books of hadith. This Sunan was authorized by Ibn Majah. It contains over 4,000 Hadith in 32 books divided into 1,500 chapters. About 20 of the traditions it contains were later declared to be forged; such as those dealing with the merits of individuals, tribes or towns, including Ibn Majah's home town of Qazwin.

About Author:

Sunan Ibn Majah in English Hadith Book - Ibn e Majah was born in Qazwin which is modern Iranian province today. He left his hometown to travel to the Islamic world. He visited Iraq, Makkah, and Egypt. His capability of memorization was remarked by all his teachers, he was always appreciated by his teachers for his work. He wrote Sunan Ibn e Majah, Kitab al-Tafsir and Kitab al Tarikh etc.


It is widely considered to be the sixth of the six canonical collections of Hadith (Sahah Sitta) of the Sunnah of the Prophet Peace be upon him. It consists of 4,340 Hadith in 39 books. Sunan Ibn Majah in English Hadith Book contains so many important chapters and Hadith related to some very crucial aspects of life. This hadith book is one of the most authentic books of hadith. The most discussed chapter in this book is about etiquettes. Sunan Ibn Majah in English Hadith Book has been translated into many languages. You can find all the important chapters and aspects in this Book of hadith. All the chapters are mentioned below on this page. Just check on the chapter and you will find hadith related to it.

Reviews & Comments

The status of each hadith in terms of its authenticity is also given. The Arabic text goes into greater information about the situation.

  • Huzaifa, Gujranwala
  • Thu 25 Nov, 2021

Hazrat Imam Ibn Majah (Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him) did a great research regarding the collection of hadiths. We should read them to increase our knowledge.

  • Mohsin, Peshawar
  • Mon 22 Nov, 2021

Sunan Ibn Maja contains ahadith that are followed by comments that explain issues and help readers derive lessons. Each hadith is followed by its status in terms of authenticity. The Arabic text goes into greater detail about the situation. The chain is also complete in the Arabic text, whereas it is removed from the English text to shorten it and provide little benefit to English readers.

  • Fakhir, Islamabad
  • Fri 12 Nov, 2021